Keylogger Spy App To Solve Social Media Murder Story

Keylogger Spy App

Last Updated on January 9, 2024 by Umer Malik

So A recent story shook up the whole neighbourhood and everyone was shocked and sad. Solly’s parents did not know they were watching her for the last time in the morning when they left for work. She skipped school that day as she was feeling sick. But little did she know that something odd was planned for her that day and that will even take her life. 

Meet-Up On A Social Media Platform

A few weeks earlier she had a rough meet-up on a social media platform with some other teens. Turned out they had a conflict of opinion and she tried to use sophisticated language to deliver he opinion in front of the other kid. It was a public Facebook post so the whole conversation in the comment section was viewed by the public. 

The other person did not have that much grip on the subject and was a little stubborn as well so she complained about this whole incident in front of her boyfriend and other friends. The public also liked Solly’s point of view and showed that by liking her comments. On the other hand, some even make fun of the other girl. This is something she was not prepared for and it was embarrassing enough for her to hunt Solly down. 

Abandoned Place Near The Neighbourhood

The teenagers lured her to an abandoned place near the neighbourhood through again an online common friend and then stabbed her to death. She was left there to bleed enough blood that killed her. Though the online common friend was not that brutal and had some humanity left in him so he called the emergency service and police. She did not make it and in the end, a stupid online argument took an innocent life and made the teenager’s murderer for life. 

According To March 2019 Statistics,  more the 43000 knife crimes were reported.

The stabbing incidents are on the rise as society is seriously lacking patience and tolerance day by day. The parents of the kid stabbed to death started an awareness campaign about how social media played the role in murdering their daughter as well as catching the real killers. 

As mentioned earlier both the parents were working thus to keep up with the kid’s life and activities they were using the parental control app.  As a matter of fact that they even knew about the online argument and how the other group seemed annoyed and angry. Her mother even tried to talk her way out with the kid by making her understand that there is no use in being in a useless argument with such close mind people as they will never understand.  

Poor Solly said in response that narrow mind people should not be the reason to stop spreading truth and positivity in society. She was then made silent by these narrow mind people once and for all but her parents are trying their best to raise their voice for Solly and many other teenagers who had a good bright future but were just snatched away because of some lame comment. 

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