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About the Company: 

KIA was launched in Pakistan during the mid of the 1990s. The company emerged as an amazing brand and gained a good reputation in such a short time. Kia Sportage Price in Pakistan is available here. The assembly plant ok KIA was built in rural Sindh’s Sujawal area for RS 1.8 billion in a time duration of 7 months. It was the first automobile manufacturing plant in the country to have robotic paint machines. At that time it could make 10,000 vehicles in a year. Car Prices in Pakistan are available here. 


The features of this car includes power, windows, power mirrors, power steering, ventilated disc brake, touch screen, steering with different functions, keyless entry, soon roof or moon roof, heated seats which are best for winter season, adjustable headlights, navigation system, air conditioner, airbags which are necessary these days and all car should have them. Besides these things, this car comes with 6 speakers, cruise control, back camera, climate control, and antilock braking system.


This car is available in different unique colors which includes:

  • Clear White.
  • Hyper Red.
  • Burnished Copper.
  • Steel Gray.
  • Sparkling Silver.
  • Pacific Blue.
  • Black Cherry.

These are all its color you can select the color you want according to your taste when you go for booking at your respective dealer.


This car is available in automatic transmission with a 6-speed gearbox as people these days are in need of automatic car with amazing features due to increased traffic in the city. This car will surely give you an amazing ride and will double your happiness.


The interior of this car is also beautifully designed with different unique features, car comes with leather seats with which are heated as well and are probably best for winter season to enjoy a ride full of pleasure.


The exterior of this has made it popular all over the country as it has an elegant shape with and outclass designed exterior. The exterior provides the car with an exceptional look which makes it look different from other cars being used in Pakistan. The main reason people are buying this car is it outclasses and well-equipped exterior.


This car is available at different KIA car dealers all over Pakistan and can be purchased according to the company’s policy. The price of this car is slightly higher as it comes with an extraordinarily unique shape, specifications, and features.

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