7 Kinds of Forklifts Used in Construction

7 Kinds of Forklifts Used in Construction

Last Updated on February 14, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Forklifts are used for various purposes, and there is a whole list of several kinds of forklifts used in construction. Forklifts are used to lift large loads and reach heights that frighten most people. Several warehouses use forklifts to fill the shelves daily and keep their work on.
So, if you want to know more about forklifts, then you ended up at the right place. Here is the list of the seven best forklifts used by people in construction. These are the most useful and common forklifts classified according to the engine type.

– Standard forklift

A standard forklift is one of the essential forklifts that you will see in warehouses. These forklifts are small and easy to use. The versatile and practical nature of the forklift makes it available in the warehouse every time.

So, if you need a standard forklift, it is easy to get from the best forklift hire ervices and make your warehouse eco-friendly by using environmentally friendly machines.

– Forklift stacker

As the name suggests, a forklift stacker is used to lift loads at a very high altitude. Therefore, a forklift stacker is ideal in situations that involve storage at a high level and storage in several shelving systems.
They are used in different forms, such as the team of a double reach or the equipment of an unemployed man. The most common form of forklift stacker is reach trucks that are mainly used on shelves with simple levels required for single loads.
Double reach teams are also similar to reach trucks but have longer blades. These blades make them perfect for areas where several pallet loads are kept at every level and the bottom areas.

– Counterbalance forklift

Counterbalance forklifts are different from standard ones as they have various attributes that set them apart. They have additional stability in them, as the name suggests. Weights are added at the back of the vehicle that gives a balance when things are lifted using forks.
These forklifts are simple and include the characteristic of having a pair of blades used to carry heavy loads and bulky goods.

– Electric forklift

Electric forklifts are the improved and modern version of hydraulics. These are known for working through the operator and performing functions in the warehouse. An electric forklift is a replica that works the same as hydraulic skids, ideal for transporting and storing small packages.

– Telescopic forklift

A telescopic forklift is used by people who need to handle lifting loads at some heights and require storage in mezzanines. Several people confuse the telescopic forklift with cranes, but they can reach angles and heights that cranes cannot do.
Telescopic handlers can operate with loads and move diagonally backward and forward. They are mostly used in construction as they are versatile.

– Order picker forklift

An order picker is the smaller version of proto-forklifts as they do not handle heavy loads. The specific role of the order picker is to live with the warehouse personnel rather than transport the payloads.
Order picker forklifts are used to take the operators closer to the load that has to be shipped. However, when you want to handle customer orders, it is essential to find the exact ordered package. So, rather than bringing the whole pallet down, use an order picker to lift the operator to find the order by themselves.

– Rough terrain forklift

It is essential for warehouses located in the outskirts to use a rough terrain forklift. We cannot use the standard forklift outdoors as they work on flat surfaces. However, there is no flat surface everywhere, so one can use a rough terrain forklift for such places. These forklifts have tough tires and adapt very well to an outdoor environment. 
The tires of the rough terrain forklift are threaded and oversized, giving better stability and more traction in dusty areas. So, it can be said that there is no better machine than a rough terrain forklift for outer areas.
Forklifts are the most incredible form of machinery that provides countless uses. It is essential to say that they lift things, but they perform many functions. Thus, a forklift is very useful in warehouses as, without them, one cannot handle materials easily and fast.

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