Kitchen Renovation Ideas For You To Explore in 2023!

Kitchen Renovation Ideas For You To Explore in 2022!
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Last Updated on January 10, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

Whether you live in a modest apartment rental or your own house, you’ve probably considered renovating your kitchen. Kitchens are probably the first part to be taken over when it comes to creative home renovations. 

Kitchens are often described as the “heart of the house” for a reason. It’s where you cook all of your meals, host friends and family, and maybe even set up a temporary workspace when working from home these days. This place sees a lot of foot traffic on a regular basis—from family meals and private date evenings to after-school study sessions—but they also serve as a microcosm of our everyday lives, routines, and perspectives. 

Our kitchens tell a lot more about us than simply what color we’re into right now, thanks to the shapes they take and the way they change year to year. They serve as a reminder of our priorities, hardships, and aspirations for our homes and lives. 

Therefore, here’s your takeaway to explore some of the most amazing kitchen renovation ideas in Adelaide and beyond. 

Go Vintage!

Without undergoing substantial repairs, an antique farm table is a good alternative for adding an island to your kitchen. Due to their unusual proportions, vintage items can also function in kitchens where there isn’t enough place for a full-size island. 

Vintage furniture also has the added benefit of adding an unexpected element of aesthetic appeal and serving as a conversation starter. It will seem less ‘heavy’ than a traditional built-in island while still giving greater prep and dining space.

Customize your appliances

Homeowners are prepared to spend more for the big-ticket appliances they’ve desired for years, but in 2022, customization and flexible design options will be critical when choosing these appliances. 

There’s something for everyone, from colored appliances to custom paneling that allows you to merge your appliances into your cabinets. 

More appealing slabs

In 2022, designers and homeowners will use every opportunity to give a space personality to kitchen renovations in Adelaide. This is expected to move beyond cabinet colors and hardware finishes to include colorful, attention-getting countertop materials.

Instead of plain white stone composites, choose more flamboyant veined marbles and quartzites. We’ll see these options extended to backsplashes as well, so they can be seen both vertically and horizontally for the best impact (and value).

Chich Appeal

This last year, we’ve seen a slew of jewel-tone greens pop up in kitchens. However, in 2022, we’ll shift our focus to the mid-tone greens that go so well with neutrals. The subtlety of subdued green tones creates a light and airy sense in the kitchen that is modest in tone yet strong in appeal.

This is where the common yet unique hues will be giving out most of the looks and appeal of any given kitchen. If you’re thinking of it, go for it!

Go For The Vibe!

The year is 2022 and this year, it’s all about the vibe that certain hues bring to the table. With more kitchen renovations in Adelaide and around, these takeaway tips might help you come up with the design that you need. All the best!

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