How To Find Quality Solar Panel Installers For Your Property?

How To Find Quality Solar Panel Installers For Your Property?
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The domestic solar sector in Australia is expanding; in 2017, 3.5 million panels were installed, equivalent to the capacity of a medium-sized coal-fired power plant. The development has resulted in an increase in customer complaints regarding Solar Company Adelaide

In the previous year, the solar company experienced a 116 percent increase in members seeking help with solar investment issues. Inspections of home solar systems by the Clean Energy Regulator reveal that roughly 16% of units are underperforming or incorrectly constructed, and 4% are hazardous.

However, finding your way to a quality solar panel installer is the hardest thing to do. Therefore, to help you better, we have listed a checklist to help you find the ideal solar company. 

Checklist To Find Your Ideal Solar Installer

  1. A business that has been in operation for over five years.
  1. Is there a local office and phone number for the firm in Australia?
  1. Inquire about the service before and after installation by speaking with past customers.
  1. Were there any technical difficulties with the system? Was there any follow-up from the company? What was the status of their communication? Don’t depend on testimonials found on the internet.
  1. The provider should come to your house to determine your site’s requirements as well as your energy load profile.
  1. Make sure your system is designed by a CEC-accredited system designer and meets your goals and budget.
  1. Inquire with the person who will be installing the system. Examine the CEC installer’s credentials.

However, you should also avoid companies that:

  1. Use pushy sales tactics such as urging you to sign on the spot, going door-to-door, or saying things like “act now before government discounts expire” or “limited time only.”
  1. A one-size-fits-all quote mechanism is used.
  1. Offer systems for far less than the going fee — you’ll wind up with a low-quality system.
  1. Make unrealistic investment payback timelines or inflated statements like “no more energy costs.”

Tips To Pick A Quality Solar Panel

Look for their CCE accreditation 

The CEC accreditation of solar panels and inverters like Allstate Solar is a guarantee of their quality. Once components are on the market, they might be changed, resulting in a decline in quality. 

Do they provide claims?

When you have an issue with your system, it’s not unusual for a merchant or installer to close their doors. To register a claim at that time, you’ll need to contact the importer or manufacturer.

Enforcing your warranty (or ACL) rights when a manufacturer is situated outside of Australia might be challenging.

Reputation in the market

Customer evaluations of solar companies are a fantastic tool to evaluate installers. Customers that provide ratings and reviews might be a good reflection of your business. 

Ratings and reviews might offer you a heads-up about your installer’s questionable behavior. If you see a trend of client complaints, it’s likely that you should deal with a different installation.

Now You Know!

When looking for a Solar Company Adelaide, ensure that you have followed all the steps enlisted here. Now that you know about the quality and functionality of choosing ideal installers, we hope that you make the most of your installation. 

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