Know Your Jewelry: What Are Statement Pieces?

Statement Pieces Jewelry

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If you’ve been wearing the same pair of earrings or the same necklace for years, you might be itching to switch up your look. Especially if you have a special event coming up, you want to put together an outfit that makes a statement. What better way to make an entrance than by wearing statement piece jewelry?

While a brightly colored dress or wild pattern might seem like the most eye-catching part of an outfit, jewelry can make an even bolder statement.

Dressing for jewelry can be a difficult art. So if you’re ready to try your hand at fashion jewelry, keep reading for the top tips.

What Size To Select

When you consider, “what is a statement piece of jewelry?” you might imagine a large and flashy pendant of some sort. And sometimes a statement necklace can be a single bright jewel hanging on an understated chain.

The key to selecting a size for your statement jewelry is to not be afraid to go big, but don’t focus solely on size. A collection of medium or small jewels can make as much of a statement as one large jewel.

And if the pendant is too big, it can become a distracting piece, rather than a bold and enviable fashion choice.

Slant Match

If you want to wear jewelry that makes a statement, consider wearing slightly different colors. For example, if your bracelet and necklace are gold hardware, your statement piece earrings can be rose gold or even bronze.

This slight contrast can help one piece of jewelry stand out and be the highlight of your outfit.

One at a Time

You might feel excited to start testing out bold statement jewelry, but don’t act too fast. It’s easy to overdo a bold look.

Focus on one piece of unique statement jewelry at a time. After all, you want that one piece to be drawing the attention. If you wear four pieces of statement jewelry, you might look more like the Vegas strip.

Match with Makeup

Similarly, keep your makeup looks muted and neutral when wearing statement jewelry. The goal is to frame out your jewelry so that it stands out more.

How to Dress

Your clothes can be fashionable and beautiful, but don’t try to mix bold patterns with bold jewelry. All it will do is give other people headaches from looking at you, and you certainly don’t want that.

Perhaps you wear a blank slate, like a black or white dress, to truly make your jewelry stand out.

Or, if you’re wearing your jewelry as an everyday ritual, or for religious reasons, check out this gorgeous selection of Islamic jewelry.

Statement Piece Jewelry

Now you’re ready to head out and wow the crowd with your statement piece jewelry. All it takes is a few unique and bold choices when you’re getting ready, and you’ll be the talk of the night.

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