Latest Nail Bar Trends You Should Know Of

    Latest Nail Bar Trends You Should Know Of
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    Last Updated on January 12, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

    Everyone appreciates a touch of self-love from time to time. If the previous year taught me anything, it would be to have fun in every moment. What better way for this other than showing a little bit of care and fashion through your nails. Hands are the first to notice, and proper and hygienic care of these nails is very important. As we eat food with our hands, maintaining our hands plays a large part in maintaining hygiene.

    With everything revolving around fashion and beauty, from sleek mobile phones to gorgeous stones and metal sculptures, many ladies across the globe prefer to spend their time in a Beauty salon in Adelaide, where they can relax and unwind. We are now in an age of beauty in fashion. Keeping this in mind, maintaining the health and hygiene of your nails has also been upgraded to beautifying them. It is gaining popularity through different arts, such as the artistic portal of flora and fauna on your nails.

    With your nails being one of the few things people notice about you, it is important to choose a beautiful nail art for these nails to enhance your overall beauty and elegance. 

    We have shared a list of a few latest trends that have gained popularity in 2022. Maybe you can choose one of these when you next visit a nail parlour.

    1. Magnetic polish

    This nail polish works with the simple principle of magnets that magnets attract certain metals. So basically, these nail polishes have particles of magnet in them, which get attracted to the magnet present at the cover of nail polishes. These magnets have a wavy pattern, which gives a wavy texture to your nails.

    How to apply:

    • Apply the first coat of nail polish and let it dry,
    • Apply the coat of nail polish and while it is still wet, hover the magnet above the nail polish
    • Get beautiful wavy patterns for your nails and put a third coat of nail polish to protect this beautiful design.

    2. Nail stickers

    Nail stickers are stickers that can be used on nails depending on the design and the look one is going after for their nails. They are entirely made of nail polish and have adhesives. These stickers are a very safe option. In case you are looking for a particular design for your nails and cannot quite achieve it, use these stickers. They come in multiple sizes: some cover the entire nails while others enhance the beauty of miniature nails. Visit The Nail Bar to know more about nail stickers. 

    How to apply:

    • Clean your nails first; that is, remove the previous nail polish, file the nails and clean them properly to gain the most natural effect from these nail stickers
    • Select your favourite nail stickers, remove these stickers from their case and apply them gently to your nails. Repeat this process until all of your nails are covered with stickers.
    • Now remove the excess nail polish using a good filler for nails.
    • Apply a fresh coat of nail polish above the stickers to get an even shinier and smoother look for your nails.

    3. Rhinestones Nails

    As the name suggests, we place stones in a design pattern or a design look for our nails in this design. Before going to apply rhinestones on nails, it is advisable to have a clear idea about the placement of stones on stones and the design you are aiming for. It will help in getting the design more accurate and clear on your nails.

    How to apply:

    • Clean your nails and apply rhinestones adhesives to your nails
    • Pick the rhinestones with tools available and position them on nails
    • It is very important to cure them, so make sure not to miss curing them under LED light
    • If your entire nail is not covered in rhinestones, then apply a top coat on parts that do not have rhinestones.


    Although some designs are easy to achieve, others cannot achieve that easily. In such cases, it is a good idea to visit a Beauty salon in Adelaide to get the design of your dreams. Always be sure to maintain a hygienic nail routine for your nails and make sure to beautify them from time to time. Nail art comes with so many cool designs. A person can indulge themselves in some self-time now and often and get their hands on these designs.

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