Libas e Jamila’s Regal Grace


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Libas e Jamila’s heavenly hued clothing range is the exclusive Asian clothes shops Birmingham. We have something for everyone here. Birmingham is among the top five cities of UK having the greatest number of Asian born residents. This counts exactly 19.5% of the population and 65.8% of the non-white population,which is a lot of it. This makes Birmingham ethnicity very rich and we are here to cater the requirements of these ethnic groups to the fullest.

The right stop for your majestic choices:

Libas e Jamila is a promising brand for all your Asian choices. It’s flamboyant work of art is unique and provides exclusive Indian clothes online collection. The sense of nobility and monumental designs exhibit an Indian touch to our every outfit. As you scroll down our wide range of Asian clothes you will realize how we have knotted tradition and grace all together. The absolute Asian femininity lies in their clothes and it is all we aspire to polish and groom. For years we have been serving you with out of this world designs.

Our ensembles are specifically focused on intricate embroidery canvases and embellishments throughout necklines and sleeve borders as well as the side on-s are heavily and medially embellished to compliment the dress. Even the trousers, ghararas and shalwars are adorned with embroideries and minute details which add up to the glam picture of Libas e Jamila. Libas e Jamila strive to assemble traditional attires for their ethnically related communities and are widely known all over Birmingham for their precisions and determination to this cause. You will nowhere feel that you are aloof out of your basic identity; we won’t let you feel down.

Libas e Jamila’s Regal Grace

Hook to libas e jamila’s Glitz n Glam

To stay in the pink, we constantly add up to our collections. We have sharara dresses, Saree dresses and Anarkali dresses for your wedding festivities as well as we have a vast range of semi formal wears which include shalwar kameez, long shirts and culottes and much more for exploring is right there waiting for your one click.

‘Flawlessly Ampling you with the most worn Asian Dresses’

Shalwar kameez and saree dresses are most worn by Indian and Pakistani women. Both are used as formal wears as well as semi formal occasions to daily use. 

Saree: is the ceremonial dress for the Indian woman they wear on special occasions like a token of tradition and we have ample choices for our consumers to choose for themselves. We have a whole stunning monumental variety of silk and georgette draped saree’s as well as authentic heavily adorned banarasi sarees & Bhagalpur silk sarees. Now precluding the fabric variance only, we have diverse and immaculately designed embroideries and embellishments along the fall of saree as well as the blouses. Different stuff of blouses is intricately embroidered to add to our finest collection of sarees. Every Asian woman needs these stunning ensembles in her wardrobe. Don’t miss out the chance of finding your favorite saree for your eventful days. Our undoubted quality will never leave you disappointed.

Shalwar kameez: is thoroughly worn among Pakistani and Indian communities in the UK and finding their ethnic attires miles away from their hometown is always a headache. Residents are forced to bring with themselves a complete stock for years unless they visit their hometown again but not now! You don’t need to scrounge onto people to bring back your favorite stuff while travelling back to the UK. Libas e Jamila’s generous range of lusciously designed shalwar kameez women are a must have for your wardrobe. May it be voluminously adorned for formal occasions or for your perfect minimalist dream day, you will find galore options at affordable prices. Libas e Jamila have solved your biggest crux of finding your Asian dresses online as you can order your favorite Indian Dresses and Pakistani Clothes with secure Royal Mail that is devoid of Delivery charges on time.

A Tale of Asian Festive Wear found nowhere else!

Our striking ensembles and flamboyant work of art will stick your sight for sure so rush onto our online stores right now and indulge yourself in a shopping experience you will find nowhere in Birmingham. Count us in while you set your mood for the eternal tale of Asian festive wears.