Life-Changing Tips To Fold Clothes For Laundry

Fold Clothes For Laundry

Last Updated on March 12, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Knowing how to correctly wash and fold clothing may save both time and space. Knowing how to wash and fold clothing is also a necessary housekeeping skill. Learning how to wash and fold clothing is a great method to tackle typical household problems like wrinkled clothes and even tiny closets. If you’re not sure, you may always go to a wash and fold service or a laundry service in London.

Our handy book is jam-packed with laundry tips and tricks, including how to wash and fold clothes quickly.

Use Fabric Conditioner:

The majority of laundry services provide a wash and fold option. Fabric conditioners may be added to your washing machine drawer for a variety of reasons. Your clothing will not only smell good and fresh when they come out of the machine, but they will also be nice and soft, making them a delight to wear – and fold!

Flap Before Folding

Holding clothing firmly at the collar or waistline and giving them a good, hard flap is a wonderful method to ‘iron out’ any creases that may have appeared. It’s possible that some of your garments will no longer need to be ironed as a result of this. Laundromat near me in London give high-quality wash, tumble dry, and fold services. Folding your clothes while they’re still warm from the dryer is another method to prevent having to iron a new load of laundry. Always fold your clothing on a level place.

Polish Your Technique

There are numerous ways for different types of clothes, from how to fold a shirt quickly to how to fold trousers properly. Here’s how to fold jeans properly:

  • Ensure that all buttons are pressed and that all zips are closed.
  • Fold your jeans in half so that the rear pockets meet and the crotch faces you.
  • Fold the bottoms of both legs into the pocket until they reach the bottom.
  • Create a straight edge at the crotch area. Increase the grip by tucking beneath the leg.
  • Fold the bottom of the folded bottom over until you reach the top of the jeans.


After all of the clothing has been taken out of the washing basket, it is more efficient to sort them into categories. You’ll have to constantly open and close drawers if you start folding at random, or you won’t build a rhythm. You’ll become used to folding pants after two or three categories, and your muscle memory will take care of the rest as you grow acclimated to the pattern! You may always go for a laundry service that offers wash and fold services in the London region.

Cold Washing

You may utilise the cold cycle if you have a professional washing machine (or a laundry service), and your clothing will still be fresh! The easiest approach to keep creases at bay and your clothing ready to wear is to wash them in cold water.

Store your clothes vertically

We’re accustomed to stacking clothing and storing them in drawers to save time and space, but are we really saving anything?

Vertically folding your clothing takes up the same amount of space; all you need to know is how to adapt the folding technique to the drawer and the size of your garments.

You won’t have to go through your whole drawer seeking for clothes at the bottom of your stack! As soon as you open the drawer, you’ll be able to see everything clearly.

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