Lizzy Yang Liu Balances Industry Success and Social Consciousness

Lizzy Yang Liu

LOS ANGELES, California – “The reason I fell in love with filmmaking is that it naturally triggers all of my senses and passions.” Yang Liu (goes by Lizzy) recently said to Voyage LA. 

“When I make films, I show my most sincere kindness and sensitive feelings to reflect and express my perspectives [on] viewing the world and the society around me. My artwork always includes the elements of critical analysis and radical opinions towards the environment where I live, but I apply a moderate form of expression in my work to deliver the ideas.”

Rising industry talent Lizzy Yang Liu, among receiving a string of nominations for other projects, recently served as director/producer of She is Dangerous, released last year. With a string of nominations and awards, praise for her work as a director, and experience working with some of the most experienced actors in the industry, Yang Liu’s career is being afforded greater opportunities through her success. 

With a deep passion for filmmaking, Yang Liu is using her voice to propel the careers of talent of all backgrounds such as LGBTQIA individuals, women, and BIPOC. Lizzy Yang Liu has a resolve to change how the industry looks, ushering in new voices and, accordingly, new stories to be told.

Who is Lizzy Yang Liu

As a film producer and director, Lizzy Yang Liu has written and directed several award-winning films, including A Matter of Time, World Without End, and Tessellation. Liu’s productions have won many international film festivals, such as LA Shorts (Oscar, BAFTA qualified), Holly Shorts(Oscar qualified), WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, and New York City Independent Film Festival. 

Currently, working closely with Academy Award winner Donna Gigliotti and Academy Award nominee Diane Quon in the post-production and distribution process of an award-winning documentary Wuhan Wuhan, and an indie feature film Nezouh funded by BFI and Film 4. Nezuoh recently won The Audience Award in 2022 at the Venice Film Festival and was selected by the Busan International Film Festival. Lizzy Yang Liu is developing her career as a multi-media producer, Co-founder, and CEO, she recently found a Startup company “Invisolve Studio”. The business is trying to explore and integrate resources and connections in the entertainment industry, including AI technology, visual arts, films, and music.

Film Festival Favorite “Tessellation” Earns a String of Awards

Tessellation won the Best Short Film Award at the U.S. Independent Short Film Festival, the Best LGBTQ Short Film Award at the Prague International Film Festival, and the Best LGBTQ Short Film Award at the Florence Film Festival in Italy.

The is set in a New York City alley and the theme is about the LGBTQ+ community. The story depicts the love stories of three different female characters in different eras – 1959, 1979 and 1999. Each story features its time period and reveals the barriers that existed at the time. The three different time periods also serve as a philosophical reminder that fear does not change over time.

Lizzy Yang Liu is currently working on a feature film adaptation of Tessellation.

Film Festival Favorite “World Without End” Nominated in Many Film Festivals

“Would Without End,” a film produced and directed by Lizzy Yang Liu recently was selected for several prestigious awards, including New York Independent Film Festival, Vision Youth Awards, and Tokyo Lift-off international film festival.WWE Poster

On the film, Lizzy Yang Liu served as director, writer, and producer of “Would Without End”, a film about a lovelorn girl who spends her nights drinking alone in a bar by herself that becomes involved with a pimp holding malicious intentions. Lizzy mentions, “The whole plot is fictional, but I would like to use this exaggerated storyline to let the audience think and reflect on some ironic topics and questions in our society. Hopefully, audiences will get some inspiration as same as me.”

Embodying a Different Perspective in Film

With a deep passion for filmmaking, Yang Liu is using her voice to propel the careers of talent of all backgrounds such as LGBTQIA individuals, women, and BIPOC. Lizzy Yang Liu has a resolve to change how the industry looks, ushering in new voices and, accordingly, new stories to be told.

Hoping to give a little more spotlight to an underrepresented demographic, an unconsidered social aspect, or another deeper concept that sits below the surface, Lizzy’s films are often referred to as touching, heartfelt, and intimate by critics worldwide. In shedding greater light on the stories of BIPOC and LGBTQIA individuals, the social concepts present in Yang Liu’s work serve to provide a better perspective on human beings, emotions, and navigation through personal circumstances.

Yang Liu (Lizzy Liu) is an accomplished and award-winning producer and director based in Los Angeles. Currently, she is a co-founder and CEO of a startup Invisolve Studio, producing cutting-edge creative content, including AI Visual Art, Films, and sound design & music. After Yang graduated from Emerson College with an MFA degree, she moved to Hollywood to pursue her dream in the entertainment industry. She works as a creative executive in Starlight Media Inc. (Crazy Rich Asians, Midway) in charge of the independent films department and supervises the “Stars Collective” program to support BIPOC and female filmmakers. She is now exploring and breaking the boundaries of the art and entertainment industry with her professional experiences, organizing and blending technology with all art forms of projects and services with the mindset of an innovator and entrepreneur.

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