Things That Make You Love and Hate Red Velvet durag

Things That Make You Love and Hate Red Velvet durag

Last Updated on March 11, 2022 by azamqasim

Red velvet durags have become popular again, as many youngsters have started paring them with their casual outfits. While the classic durag is made from polyester, silk, or satin mix materials, velvet durags come with a satin lining on the inside. 

Many people prefer velvet durags because they give a luxurious appeal to any apparel while keeping your head warm in colder months. In this article, we’ll breakdown everything good and bad about the red velvet durag to help you make the best buying decision. 

Difference between velour and velvet

Velour and velvet are often interchangeably used by people; however, there is a huge difference between these materials. 

Velvet is made from polyester, silk, or rayon. It is further woven, crushed, and cut to form a luxurious fabric. This fabric has a longer pile than velour and hence, offers the desired effect of standing pile. 

Velour, on the other hand, is plush, dense, and knitted fabric. It is made of cotton-blend and is quite stretchy than velvet. 

Four ways velvet is different from velour:

  • Velvet is shiner compared to velour
  • Velvet does not stretch as much 
  • Velvet looks more luxurious and expensive compared to velour
  • Velvet is thicker compared to velour

Are velvet durags good for maintaining waves?  

Many people prefer red velvet durag to maintain their waves. It also helps in protecting your hair when you’re sleeping, as well as laying hair flat. 

This means durags are great for making waves. Although velvet durag is made from velvet on the exterior, the inside is made from the satin lining. Velvet durags are also known to be better than classic silky durags that make superior waves. 

Satin vs. Velvet Durag 

Traditionally durags are made from satin. This material comes with a breathable weave that usually has a glossy surface and a dull back. Although satin is great, it can damage easily if you don’t take good care of it. 

Velvet durags, on the other hand, are more durable than satin durags. This material looks better than stain due to its luxe appearance. However, velvet comes with a satin lining that’s gentle on your hair. Therefore, it’s best for maintaining your hair. 

What people don’t like about red velvet durags: 

  • This fabric can easily wear out with too much use 
  • Velvet easily absorbs dust
  • It is more difficult to clean than other fabrics 
  • Any damage to velvet may ruin its texture 

As you may notice, the disadvantages of velvet are minimal compared to the advantages. Therefore, you don’t have to worry much when purchasing velvet durag.  

How to wash velvet durags? 

Cleaning velvet durags is as essential as washing your hair. You must wash durags regularly to prevent smell and grease from buildup due to natural hair oils and hair products you use on your hair.  

You must hand wash your velvet durags to ensure gentle or proper cleaning. 

Tips to wash velvet durags:

  • Use mild detergent to wash velvet
  • Add little detergent on durag to prevent soap staining
  • Gently rub the durag on areas that look stained or have a build-up
  • You need to put durag under running warm water for rinsing
  • While water is running over durag, you must see darker water appearing on its other side 
  • Keep rubbing and washing it until the water on the other side appears clear
  • When the water is clear and the detergent is off the material, hang your durag to dry 
  • If you want to machine wash your velvet durag, put it on a gentle wash cycle for light cleaning 
  • Always let your velvet durag air dry, don’t tumble dry. 

Does velvet durags stain? 

At times the color of your velvet durag may bleed on the clothing. However, it is not common unless you machine washes it with other clothes. Therefore, it is best to wash the red velvet durag with your hands. 

Where to buy red velvet durags? 

You can easily purchase red velvet durags from any local store or online store. You get a variety of options to choose from when purchasing online. So, pick the right velvet durag seller to ensure you get a quality product that lasts for a long time. 


Want to up your style game or simply want to protect your hair from the sun or maintain your waves? Velvet durags are simply the best way to maintain your hair while protecting them from harsh environmental conditions. If you choose red velvet durag, it will instantly give a stylish and luxurious appeal to your outfit. Hence, choose durags wisely to always step out of your house in style.