Why Magento Is Consider To Be #1 Ecommerce Platform


Last Updated on July 27, 2021 by azamqasim

Magento Ecommerce Is the Best Platform? Why

The eCommerce industry is changing and developing. With more buyers presently liking to go online to make a buy, it is basic to use the best CMS for eCommerce site improvement. As per the Nasdaq, by 2040, 95% of the buys will be made on the web. Presently, that is a major number! This implies there are a ton of chances in computerized trade and you should make the best out of them to soar your business development. We believe magento ecommerce is top perfoming platform so far.

In the event that you are searching for the best eCommerce platform, or your group is keeping watch for the best eCommerce stage for independent companies, you have arrived at the perfect spot i.e. best magento ecommerce.

Here are some Pro and Con of Magento E-commerce Platform

Here are some pros:

1. It is flexible

The platform that Magento using is an open-source platform. Which means the source code can be modified as per our requirement. Functionality and customize templates can be achieved. Besides, third party integration allows in Magento for various purposes, such as importing products. Other than that, it is easy to monitor and track the performance of the website in real-time information.

2. It is mobile friendly

Most successful eCommerce has a mobile-friendly configuration, it is a must in e-commerce, and it is what Magento has. Because of the internet browsing trend is changing, and has shifted to mobile devices

It allows the customer to create mobile sites is a simple and easy way. This help customer increases their sale.

3. It has a large community of users

The most used e-commerce platform belongs to Magento, and they have a large population of Magento users. This community allows the customer to have quick support. Besides, it helps Magento to develop more plugin and extension that inspire by the community.

Here are some Con of Magento E-commerce Platform

1.It’s expensive

Magento community version is free. But the Magento enterprise version costs you approximately $15,000. Other than that, for premium enterprise version that targets large business, will cost you more than $50,000 for a year. That’s a huge amount of money. The cost of Magento is the biggest drawback. If not, it will be the most popular e-commerce platform in the world.

2. Bad product support

Magento product support is quite expensive Beside, the experience of forum support by Magento is terrible, because of the lack of organized monitoring. The Magento support forum is overrun by spam.

3. It is time-consuming

Slow loading time is one of the drawbacks of Magento. It makes it difficult to customize, compared to other e-commerce platforms. Besides, switching to another e-commerce platform to Magento is not easy. Because of the very slow rate of import data. But for the premium version and enterprise version, it will be faster compared to the free version.

Why You Should Go For Magento and CRM Integration? 

The most ideal approach to have happy clients is to pick the eCommerce stage and CRM at the same time. Clients currently request customized experiences and anticipate that organizations should give them items as indicated by their preferences. Being a robust and adaptable platform, Magento fills the need. You don’t have to worry about all of these integrations. You can hire Magento 2 developers to save time and focus on other business factors. Nonetheless, to have consistent activities in your business and to give unmatched client assistance, you should go for Magento and CRM combination. This will permit you to use information from your CRM and additional bits of knowledge to improve the client’s involvement with your online store.

Magento Themes Customization 

Interface with your customers by creating UX friendly design for an online store. Magento theme customization allows you to make a continuous marking of your online store over all other CMS. In addition, it will make it more responsive, so it functions admirably with internet browsers. 

Customization Magento Module/Extension Development 

To guarantee that the operational proficiency of your online store isn’t bounded, you can use Magento Custom Module advancement. This will help you in consistently consolidating your business capacities.

Magento Is Easy To Learn?

You can take developer courses from Magento as well but that’s hardly affordable to a wide audience. Courses also depend on certain developer level and certainly are not fit for novice PHP developers. There is however a free basic course available in the market.

The most valued skill for a Magento developer is “reverse engineering” and the capability of understanding the abstraction level it has. Understanding of OOP concepts in PHP and patterns is a must.

Magento Marketing: 

The best thing about Magento is that it has a very strong ecosystem. So there are tons of extensions available for Marketing. Which extension is good for your marketing depends a lot on the kind of business you have and the goals you have in mind. There is no one size fits all here. But considering that over 90% of shoppers read reviews, I guess the one place you may start your marketing is by having a proper Review Generation system in place. I have generally seen that getting reviews on your website immediately improves conversion rates. 

Is Magento any Good? 

With more than 260,000 merchants ready, magento ecommerce is one of the best business’ most well-known store-building platform, and it isn’t difficult to perceive any reason why. Magento’s sweeping list of capabilities and complete adaptability make it an amazing stage for shippers who have the assets to best actualize cutting edge innovation