Simple Ways to Manage Your Reviews on the Internet


Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Saira Farman

So, you understand that review and reputation management for agencies is extremely important. But how do you begin managing reviews? What is the first step? Well, we are here to help you get started with that.

Review management can be a confusing process for new business owners and those who just recently taken their business online. However, after some practice and regularity, you will get the hang of it.

Managing Your Internet Reviews

To help you get started with review management for your business, we have put together certain tips that you can follow. These include:

Make A Listing

The first step would be to sign up on review websites and claim your business. This will help you get better control of the reviews and your social media. In this regard, you can look at several platforms such as Facebook, Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor, or any review website that is specific to your industry.

The greater the number of social media platforms and websites you are managing your reviews on, the greater your prospects will be. However, monitoring reviews on several platforms can be a daunting task. This is where review management software can be of great help.

Once your business begins expanding, you might want to hire a virtual assistant or a regular assistant who manages your reviews. After all, as a business owner, your focus should solely be on overseeing all operations.

Track All Reviews

Once you get yourself listed on a review platform, the next step is to start tracking your business reviews. It could take just a couple of minutes in a day to many hours in a week. This simply depends on the current scale of your business.

If your business is new, you may not have to spend a lot of time per week. However, as it expands, be ready to spend several hours a day tracking reviews.

It is extremely important to track the reviews frequently. This allows you to respond to any negative criticism and feedback in time. Make sure that nothing is falling through the cracks because even a single negative review could hurt your prospects.

In this regard, you can even set up notifications to receive alerts for every new review. Such tasks can become simplified through software that is designed for review management. Such tools are available both on a subscription basis or a one-time fee.

Generate Positive Customer Reviews

This is an important part. You need to generate as many positive customer reviews as you can. The trick here is to target the right customers at the right time. For instance, it would not be appropriate to ask an unsatisfied customer for a review.

At the same time, you would want to ask a satisfied customer for a review promptly. After a set period, the customer may not even bother to pay heed to your requests. So, time is very critical when it comes to Reviews Generation. Though, the right review management tools will make this incredibly easy for you.