Top 10 Wholesale Dolls & Accessories Providers in the USA

Top 10 Wholesale Dolls & Accessories Providers in the USA
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Dolls are something more than entertainment for kids and it is the top favorite toy of every child. There is a common misconception that dolls’ toys are only for girls. But dolls toys can be entertaining and learning even for the boys.

As the doll’s toys have a human-like appearance, they help the kids with many essential human activities. For example, kids learn bathing, clothing, feeding, and similar other daily tasks with these wholesale barbie dolls.

Moreover, kids develop different emotions like love, care, attachment, happiness, etc. while playing with the doll’s toys.

That’s the reason dolls’ toys and their accessories are a big segment in the toys industry. Different types of businesses are attached to this industry and earn a good profit margin.

It is a gainful business idea for those who are looking for the right way to earn money. Following are 10 options to buy wholesale doll accessories. This will be helpful for those who want to enter this industry with the intention to earn money.

1. American Girl

American is an old name for getting the best doll toys in America. They started their company in 1986. They are experts in making beautiful and attractive dolls for customers. They provide their customers to alternate many features like the eye color, face shape, skin color, hair tint etc. with the changing of such features to give them a unique look to the dolls.

So, retailers can get wholesale dolls at American Girls websites with customizing features.

2. American Fashion World

American Fashion World is an online website that provides not only dolls but also different accessories like shoes, clothing, hair accessories, etc. They provide these items at very discounted prices. Furthermore, different sales offers are also available for a variety of products. They provide fast shipping of the product with reasonable delivery charges through USPS API.

3. Sophia’s Dolls and Dolls clothes

If you want to add some quality accessories to your doll business, Sophia dolls and dolls clothes are the best option. Not only dolls clothes, but everything related to dolls is available on their website. But they only deal with the registered business.

4. Cuddle Kind

The story of Cuddle kind is inspiring and interesting at the same time. As they earn money by selling hand-knitted dolls. But their purpose is not to become rich but to feed the deserving kids. They are well determined in their goals and pay special attention to their doll toys. The detailed knitted dolls are attractive and admired by their customers very much.  

5. Make My Toys

Make My Toys is an option when you want to manufacture toys with a unique design in your mind. With the help of Make My Toys, you can give a distinctive identity to your business. Simply go to their website and fill in all the details about the required toys. They start manufacturing toys on 40% advance payment. Dolls with unique features and their accessories can be customized by them.

6. Corelle

Corelle is the right choice to choose a cute and beautiful collection of dolls for any age group of the children. Soft dolls for a toddler, meal time dolls, bedtime dolls, and many more are available there. To buy Corelle’s beautiful stock of dolls, search their nearest branch through the Corelle website and then visit their place to buy the stock.

7. Symbiote Studios

Symbiote studios is another good option to order customized toys for your business. They manufacture vinyl and PVC toys according to customers’ desires. So, you can order toys from teddy bears to dolls with customizing features. The manufacturing and fulfillment of toy order depend on the size and types of toys. That will be decided on the time of order placement.

8. Mettel

Mettel has several franchises for children and family entertainment products. The buyers can get access to multiple beautiful already available stock of dolls. The best quality and uniqueness are the reason they are serving more than 130 countries all over the world.

9. Wholesale Doll Clothes

Wholesale doll clothes is a wholesale business that only deals in large quantities. They have modern and trendy designs for dolls. Even customers can customize the clothing in size and design according to need. Not only dolls clothes but many other wholesales doll and bears like shoes, hats, etc. are also available at wholesale Doll Clothes. Retailers have to just register their account at Wholesale Doll clothes to buy their products.

10. Powerhouse Toys

Powerhouse toys are distributors for many types of toys to retailers. They have plush toys, plastic toys, dolls, and many other toys. If the retailer wants to buy a stock of beautiful dolls and their accessories, contact the powerhouse toys and enjoy their excellent customer service.

In a Nutshell:

Most of the above-listed options only deal with dolls’ toys but some of them also provide doll toys accessories. Before making the final decision, check these all options. Also, browse the online wholesale marketplaces. Check out the available sellers and stock. And then critically analyze every option.

If you have experience dealing with the above-mentioned distributors, share your reviews with us in the comment section.