Monthly Wayne’s Heating And Cooling Maintenance Checklist

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For the proper management of a house; you have to make sure certain important points are well taken care of. In which the maintenance of the AC system is important because this system keeps the house warm in winter and cool in summer. 

Maintenance Checklist Month Wise

You have to make a proper checklist of the points that are vital when maintaining the air conditioning system. This is critical to know because when Wayne’s Heating And Cooling maintenance team has done their work; it will be easy for you to check the system yourself afterward. 

Inspection Of Setting Of Thermostat

The thermostat is an important part of the AC because it has the job of regulating the temperature inside the room. Sometimes the cause of irregular cooling and heating is because of the fault in the thermostat.

Electric Connections Are Fastened

The maintenance and repair team makes sure that all of the connections whether they are electrical or mechanical are fastened. If they are not tightened then electric sparks can start which damages the whole system. 

Applying Lubrication To Important Parts

Wayne’s Heating And Cooling maintenance team also has the job of lubricating the parts that are constantly moving. This ensures that the machinery is properly working and doesn’t halt during the running time. 

Checking Drainage Of The System

This part of the AC system helps to drain the water that comes out of the unit. This is vital because trapped water can damage not only the structure of the house; but also change the level of humidity inside.

Buttons Of Controls Are Working

Although this is a minor takes for the staff of various companies like Wayne’s Heating And Air, but if the controls of the AC system are no working then nothing will work in the right way. 

Trimming Of Surroundings Of Outdoor Unit

In the majority of the houses; the outdoor unit is placed on the floor. A problem that homeowners face is that it can cover the outdoor unit; effecting the efficient cooling and heating of the air conditioning system.

Visual inspection Of Refrigerant Lines

The refrigerant lines are the pipes that transport the refrigerants from the outdoor to the indoor unit. This system has to be properly insulated so that water doesn’t leak out and damage the other parts of the AC.

Examine Coil And Air Filters

The coils and the air filters are closely related to each other as the coils cool or warm right air temperature and the air filters trap the harmful particles; giving clean air. Issues in these both can lower the quality of air coming in.

Check If Replacement Is Needed

On certain occasions, repairing is enough to solve many of the issues, but sometimes the problems become beyond repair and the ultimate solution is a replacement. Keep a check on when the issues are increasing and reach the point of replacing the whole system.

Having Contact Number Of Wayne’s Heating And CoolingOn the topmost point of the maintenance checklist, you have to note every contact detail of the Wayne’s Heating And Cooling so that they can be contacted whenever there is an emergency.

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