What Are the Most Common Sports-Related Injuries?

What Are the Most Common Sports-Related Injuries?

Last Updated on February 21, 2022 by binkhalid

In 2020, the most common sports-related injuries were a result of bicycles or similar equipment. Swimming, basketball, football, and skateboards were also some of the main culprits.

But the truth is, you can injure yourself playing almost any sport or performing any activity. And only by knowing what the common sports injuries are can you take steps to prevent them from happening to you.

Interested in knowing what they are? Read on!

Muscle or Tendon Strains

Lucky for you, one of the most common sports-related injuries isn’t too serious and won’t put you out of action. Strains occur when you move your body in such a way that the muscle or tendon cannot stretch as far as it needs to. This can result in damaging or tearing your muscles or tendons and it’s almost always a painful experience.

To prevent these sports injuries, always warm up and stretch before physical activity. But if you do get a strain, rest will help it heal.

Ligament Sprains

Ligaments are the tissues that connect your bones. Ligament sprains happen when you move a joint in the wrong way resulting in a ligament pull or tear. Ankles are the most common body part to experience sprains, but wrists, knees, and elbows are also common.

There isn’t a lot you can do to prevent sprains except to try and lessen the chance of making mistakes by practicing. You may need to wear extra support on the damaged body part after experiencing a sprain. The damaged ligament will now be weak and there is an increased risk of the injury recurring. 


Sports-related head injuries are common in ball sports like football, soccer, basketball, and hockey. Concussions occur when a force to the skull causes the brain to lurch and sometimes damages the tissues. Always seek medical attention after sports-related brain injuries because some are mild but some can be very serious.

With mild cases, you’re often good to go after a few weeks of rest. But serious cases call for more intense sports rehab. You can lessen the chance of concussions by wearing protective headgear when you play sports.

Back Injuries

Every single form of physical activity involves some movement in your back. It’s understandable that it’s one of the most common sports-related injuries.

Back problems often occur due to repeated stress like tennis elbow. Sudden movements can also harm either your spine or the muscles in your back.

PerformaxPhysicalTherapyAndWellness.com suggests stretching your lumbar spine to avoid back injuries. They also recommend strengthening the back muscles too. If you have serious recurrent back issues, consider attending regular rehab for athletes’ sessions.

Most sports-related injuries are a result of poor preparation, lack of experience, and wearing the wrong gear. So as long as you are aware of the dangers and be sensible when playing sports or exercising, you’ll have done your due diligence.

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