Here’s What to Do When Your Kids Are Bored

Kids Are Bored

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If you feel like your kid constantly needs entertainment, you do not imagine things. Did you know that children’s energy levels are more significant than adult endurance athletes?

With energy like that, it feels like parents always have to find new things to keep kids busy.

Thankfully there are lots of different activities and games to suggest when your kids are bored. 

Read on for ideas to help fight boredom and keep your kids entertained!

Play a Game

If the outdoors is not an option, turn to some old-fashioned fun by playing a game. When kids play games, they learn to build relationships, share, and read directions. Board games like scrabble word and crossword puzzles are the best game for your kids. Board games are an amazing way to increase their vocabulary and learn new words. They could also use a word finder tool to find difficult words while playing Scrabble, Words with Friends, daily crosswords, and other games. Games for kids can be as simple as a deck of cards or more complex. Let your children learn new rules and have fun playing together.

Get Outside

When it comes to keeping kids occupied, outside can be the best playground! Outside play can help keep kids healthy and moving. Anything from imaginative play to more organized games is possible when your kids get outside.

Build a Fort

If you live near the woods, building a fort is an exciting way to pass the time. You can make forts from sticks, and foliage found right in your backyard.

To build a fort, first find a nearby tree. If your tree has low branches, it will make your fort building easier to do. Gather any sticks, boughs, or large branches to use as your fort wall materials.

Learn the sticks up against the tree until they form a shelter. Cover the new fort with a brush to make it more stable.

If you don’t have any woods nearby, cardboard boxes are perfect for fort construction. You can take boxes of any size apart and tape them back together again to form the body of the fort. Decorate or paint the cardboard to personalize the final product.


Sometimes, you can find the key to fighting boredom in your basement or garage! Pulling out an old Wiffle ball, soccer ball, or football can be all your kids need to get playing. Get your kid some cool football gloves and have him running around the yard like a future NFL player!

Challenge your kids to learn the rules of a sport they haven’t played before. If they have played the game, have your kids make up their own rules!

Fun Inside

Your kids may be stuck inside when the weather is dreary or cold. This doesn’t have to be a recipe for boredom, though! With a little creativity, your kids will stay occupied and have a blast doing so.  

Toys for Kids

Breaking out the toys is always something you can do when kids are bored. One strategy is to keep some of your child’s toys away when not in use. Cycle these toys out when your kid gets need a change of pace for some new toy excitement!

If you want to build your toy arsenal, Mattel always has the latest and greatest toy selection. Pick up a Polly Pocket or Hot Wheels to have on hand for when the kids need something to play with.

Play Hide and Seek

This old-fashioned game never goes out of style! Your kids can play hide and seek both inside and outside. The best part about this game is that it doesn’t need any additional items to play.

If you decide to play this game outside, it’s a good idea to go over where your kids can hide and places that are off-limits. This will keep your kids having fun while staying safe.

Imaginative Play

The mind can be a great escape for bored kids. Foster creativity by encouraging your kids to use their imaginations. 


Unleash your kids’ inventive side with an afternoon of dress-up! This activity can let your kids pretend to be anyone or anything their minds can make up. When kids use dress-up as play, they strengthen communication, language, and social skills.

Dress-up doesn’t have to be expensive. Gathering old Halloween costumes makes for a great day of dressing up.

Do you have old bridesmaid dresses or suits sitting in the back of your closet? Give them new life by adding them to a dress-up bin.

Have a Puppet Show

Everyone has a few mismatched socks in their laundry bin. Put them to use by turning them into sock puppets!

The kids can bring these puppets to life with items you have lying around your house. Use extra buttons, fabrics, and markers to turn the socks into new characters.

This multi-purpose activity has kids having fun in different ways. Creating the puppets is a great art-based activity. Once finished, your kids will have a blast putting on a show!


Getting kids moving can be a great time when your kids are bored. Kids who are moving can get extra energy out of their bodies in a safe and fun way.

Have a Dance Party

Music is the ideal tool to get kids moving and grooving. A dance party is easy and costs nothing if you have a device that can stream music. Play both songs that your kids love and songs that you love too.

Do Some Yoga

Activities for kids don’t always have to be loud. Introducing your kids to yoga is a calming activity with many mind and body advantages.

When kids participate in yoga, they can practice mindfulness. Having kids practice yoga can be a powerful self-esteem booster. Yoga can also strengthen memory.

It’s not just the mind that yoga is good for. Yoga can help a child build flexibility and strength. This is especially true the longer a child practices this ancient art.

If you aren’t knowledgeable in yoga, that’s okay! There are many free programs geared for kids that you can find online to teach your child yoga for you.

Fun With the Family

Get your whole family in on the action with some family activities that can help beat boredom. When everyone finds time to be together, you’ll turn a boring afternoon into quality time.

Movie Night

Is there a new movie that you all want to see? Come together for a family movie night.

When families come together for a movie night, they build bonds and make memories. Spending some low-stress time together can increase the happiness your child feels within the family. 

You can make movie nights more festive by having a special snack or meal. Making buttery popcorn or getting movie candy at the store can make your movie night more authentic.

Inside Fort

Nothing goes better with a movie night than a cozy blanket fort. Grab extra pillows, blankets, and clothespins to construct your fort.

Couches and chairs make great supports to hold up the walls of your fort. If you run out of blankets, anything long and rectangular will do. Beach towels, sheets, and unzipped sleeping bags all make excellent fort-building materials.

Once your fort is complete, add extra pillows or blankets inside for a snuggly movie spot. Your kids will have fun building the fort and watching a movie from it when they’re done.


Nothing solves the rainy day blues like something sweet. If your kids are bored, break out the mixer and whip up a yummy treat.

Baking gives your children lots of opportunities to practice kitchen skills. They will have fun cracking eggs, measuring ingredients, and rolling the dough. A kitchen is an excellent place for your kids to practice some math skills too!

The best part of baking is the delicious snack they’ll get to try at the end. If you don’t have ingredients for sweets on hand, help your kiddo cook something fun for lunch.

Clean Up the House

Not everything that keeps bored kids entertained has to make your house a mess. Having your kids help around the house by picking up can be an unexpected boredom buster. 


One of the best tricks to getting your kids to play with the toys they have is to get them organized. Have your kids go to wherever they store their toys and get them sorted. Finding missing pieces and putting toys together will keep their rooms looking clean and tidy.

When kids go through their toys, they can see just how many great things they have to play with. You may find that halfway through, they end up playing with their toys instead!

There Are So Many Things to Do When Your Kids Are Bored

Hearing that your kids are bored can be frustrating for any parent or caregiver. That doesn’t have to be the case if you follow our tricks.

You can create many fun activities right from things found in your own home. Before you know it, you’ll have kids who are playing and happily occupied!


Boredom is a common complaint among kids, especially during long school breaks and weekends. However, with a little creativity and effort, parents can help their children turn their boredom into an opportunity for learning, creativity, and fun.

  • Encourage Outdoor Play: One of the easiest ways to keep kids entertained and engaged is by encouraging them to play outside. Whether it’s riding bikes, playing catch, or exploring nature, outdoor play can help kids burn off excess energy and get some fresh air and exercise.
  • Get Creative with Arts and Crafts: Arts and crafts are a great way to spark creativity and imagination in kids. Please encourage your children to make their own paintings, drawings, or sculptures using materials such as paper, paint, clay, or recycled materials.
  • Plan a Family Game Night: A family game night is a fun way to bring the family together and bond over board games, card games, or video games. It’s a great opportunity to teach kids about teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play.
  • Teach New Skills: Boredom can be a great opportunity to teach your children new skills. Whether it’s cooking, gardening, or playing a musical instrument, these activities can help your children develop new talents and interests.
  • Organize a Scavenger Hunt: A scavenger hunt is a fun and exciting way to keep kids entertained and engaged. You can create your own scavenger hunt with clues and items that are relevant to your child’s interests and hobbies.

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