ostomy bag accessories

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After a successful surgery, you definitely need appliances that will assist you to maintain yourself. These appliances are called ostomy supplies/accessories. Having the right ostomy accessories is very necessary in maintaining your living standard.

You’d probably not want to be a victim of daily leakage and skin irritation as a result of using the wrong ostomy bag accessories.

In this article, I’m going to explain 7 necessary ostomy bag accessories you need to purchase after surgery.

Ostomy Pouches

They collect bodily waste from colostomy. They are attached to the exterior skin of the stoma. They are structured in such a way that there are varying sizes that accommodate users and their activities.

One significant purpose of pouches is that once it is placed over the opening (stoma), in the abdominal wall, stool, urine and other waste products can be drained into the pouch, which can be emptied regularly.

Surprisingly, it is common and can adapt to your daily lifestyle.

Skin Barrier Rings and Seal

They are used in protecting the stoma by filling the gap between the stoma and the skin barrier opening on the pouch. They help in preventing drainage and leaks from the entering into the skin barrier.

Stoma Pastes and Powders

They are quite similar to skin barriers, in the sense that they almost serve the same purpose. They protect the stoma, and prevent leaks and drainages from wrapping up around the stoma and the skin.

Stoma pastes are used as caulk to seal the skin barrier openings. It reduces every chance of leaks, and helps the barrier stick to the body better. Powders are used to absorb moisture in the skin especially when the skin is irritated and moist by leaks.


Belts are basically used to secure and the ostomy pouch attached around the stoma firmly. It is attached through loops and then covers the ostomate’s abdomen.

It is one of the must-have accessories for ostomates. Security is guaranteed with it.

Skin Prep

Also known as barrier wipes and barrier films, skin preps are used to protect the skin from intense adhesives. They are protective barriers around the stoma just like stoma powders. They help the skin to heal better from reactions from the presence of adhesives from your water. One interesting feature about skin preps is that they serve dual functions:

i. They help in protecting the skin

ii. They help the ostomy pouch or bag stick better to the abdominal area

Adhesive Removers

Adhesives make the process of changing the ostomy pouch difficult. Because you’d have to remove a wafer that is strongly stuck because of its adhesive. Adhesive Remover for skin will make the process much effortless and comfortable when applied. You can as well apply more when the wafer is removed, in order to eliminate any leftover residue.

Ostomy Deodorants

It is normal to receive odours from inside the ostomy pouch or any other ostomy appliances. Deodorants help to eliminate these odours. It could come as sprays or in tablet forms.

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