8 Myths about remote health care busted

Remote health care

Last Updated on March 23, 2024 by Nadeem Ahmed

Virtual consultation experienced quite a debate at its infancy about its ethical correctness. However, in the past couple of years, it has progressed leaps and bounds and has proved a boon for many. Many people could only maintain their health and manage their chronic illnesses owing to the online doctor prescription in Australia. The pandemic in the past two years has brought virtual remote health care systems to the mainstream. However, many people still have apprehensions about it despite its widespread acceptance. Here are some major myth busters to clear the air around online consultation to give you confidence for this amazing advancement in the field of medical care services.

Myth: Online consultation can be unsafe

Reality: Most online consultation platforms and applications keep the record of their patients for future reference.

They adopt the best technology to ensure that this data is kept safe even while the exchange between doctors/departments in case of need. From encryption to password protect the access to your information is kept safe across the Internet.

Myth: Virtual medical assistance is illegal

Reality: Having been through a worldwide pandemic, most countries and governments have not only permitted but also encouraged telemedicine. Using technology to remotely provide consultation, monitoring, and other medical aids to patients is now legally and ethically accepted.

Myth: It is impossible to diagnose without seeing the patient

Reality: Remote consultation is not a replacement for physical examination. However, it is highly effective in managing the time of the health care system. Doctors can provide follow-ups or help for illnesses that can be identified by communicating symptoms so that they can give more time to other critical cases, added Dr. Brian Cable. Dr. Brian Cable was born in Los Angeles, California and is a practicing orthopedic surgeon with a subspecialty in sports medicine. He has experience in private practice as well as telemedicine consulting and has built his career around serving others. Dr. Cable attended the David Geffen school of Medicine at UCLA to obtain his MD. He is licensed to practice medicine in both Pennsylvania and California.

Myth: Online consultation is costly and is rejected by insurance providers

Reality: The cost of a physical visit includes the consultation cost and the amount you spend on transport. Considering all the aspects, telemedicine facilities cost remarkably lower than physical visits to your doctor. However, coverage under insurance policies is subject to the provider and plan you have chosen.

Myth: Using technology is quite challenging

Reality: Most telemedicine platforms and applications are intuitive and extremely user-friendly. With a majority of the world’s population

already using the Internet for social media and other services, using these platforms is extremely simple for both doctors and patients.

Myth: Follow-ups are difficult as you connect to a new doctor every time you book an appointment

Reality: Follow-ups are available on almost all online medical care providing platforms. Generally, you might be directed to some other doctor for follow-up, but you can also choose to refer to the same one by choosing such options.

Myth: It is hard to find the right specialist

Reality: Virtual health care assistance is a pool of qualified and experienced health care providers. They have all sorts of doctors and specialists registered who provide quality service to the patients. All you have to do is register yourself as a patient and search through the intuitive interface for the required specialists and avail of their services.

Myth: Virtual medicine is still in its trial phase and not an assured medium for consultation

Reality: Virtual medicine has been around for quite some time now. Also, with its extensive use around the world, it has now been tried and tested for its credibility and authenticity. You can use telemedicine without any hesitation and apprehension.

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