The difference between nail polish base coat and polish nail polish base coat and polish

The difference between nail polish base coat and polish nail polish base coat and polish

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When we Manicure, the Manicure artist will take out very many products agalglitter manufacturersnd apply several layers
on our nails, except for nail polish. Follow to learn more about nail polish base coat
and polish.
The difference between nail polish base coat and polish
In nail polish, the base coat is usually transparent or creamy white, the glossy coat is more
viscous, and the base coat must be used before the nail polish. The glossy coat is used last, the
base coat can increase the friction of the nail polish and better colouring, and the final glossy
coat can better protect the nails. The nail polish base oil bright oil is different
1, first of all, let’s talk about the base coat. The base coat is Manicure when the first layer of nail
polish, the base coat is divided into three categories, one is to isolate coloured nail polish and
real nail, to prevent pigmentation; one is to increase the hardness of the nail, to prevent
breakage or delamination; another is to prevent the nail yellowing. Now there are also several
roles in the market Manicure base coat, coated with a base coat, can protect the real nail from
damage, so in Manicure, before you must remember to apply Oh!

2, glossy oil is the last step in the Manicure process. With the same transparent colour as the
base oil, it is equivalent to a protective layer. To protect the good Manicure is not easy to be
destroyed but also can make the surface more smooth and bright. Most Manicures need to apply
glossy oil to maintain the effect unless you want to do matte and other special effects of
Manicure without. So in the use of the steps, they are different one before the colour, one after
the colour, and the roles of the two are also different. Oh. When to apply the gloss primer
Put on the base coat. The nail polish will keep its colour for a longer period of time, so you should
follow the order of painting the middle and then the sides. There are different types of base coats, such as calcium added, reinforced and so on. Apply the colour. Apply nail polish in three quick
strokes. Start from the middle of the nail root and work your way up to the tip of the nail. When
brushing the colour, the nail polish brush should be slightly away from the soft skin area and be
careful not to get the colour on the soft skin. Usually, nail polish starts to come off from the top
of the nail; brushing the nail polish on the top part of the nail first can avoid this phenomenon. Secondary colouring. The second coat will give the nail polish a fuller and longer-lasting colour, so
be careful to apply a thinner coat the first time and a thicker coat the second time. Protective
polish. A final coat of protective polish can make the colour of the nail polish appear shinier. Finally, you can also look for professional help from galglitter manufacturers.

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