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Sinem Ünsal, the actress who plays Nazlı, in the series “doctorul minune” (originally “Mucize Doktor”), received a new role in another series: “Elbet Bir Gün” (in translation “Of course, in a day”). Here, the actress plays Feride, and this character bears no resemblance to the sweet Nazlı. However, even though the actress was very excited about this role, and her fans were happy to see her again on the small screens, the series was canceled after only 6 episodes. doctorul minune subitrat in romana on despre seriale blog which you love to watch on their free time.

How good Sinem Ünsal looks in her new series

Fans of the “Wonder Doctor” series, broadcast on Kanal D, fell in love with the beautiful Sinem Ünsal, the actress who played Nazlı, a devoted nurse who conquers Dr. Ali (played by actor Taner Ölmez). After filming “The Wonder Doctor” (a production that ended in Turkey in May, after 2 seasons), Sinem chose to continue collaborating with Fox. So he agreed to play in “Elbet Bir Gün” (“Of course, one day”). 

Her new character doesn’t look much like the sweet Nazlı from “The Wonder Doctor”. Her fans were happy to see her again in another setting. In addition, given the images with her in the role of Feride, we can admit that the actress looks incredible in the series “Elbet Bir Gün”.

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“Elbet Bir Gün” is directed by Gül Oğuz, and the screenplay is written by Yusuf Reha Alp. The series premiered on November 7, on FOX TV. Although Sinem Ünsal makes a beautiful figure, and the story can be a captivating one, the series was canceled after only 6 episodes, and the last episode will be broadcast on December 12.

“Elbet Bir Gün” did not catch on with the public, and the audiences were not as expected. On the other hand, another reason why the series was canceled is the fact that Fox Turkey (the same station where “Wonder Doctor” was broadcast) had a record number of new series this season. So, as the competition is very tight on every place in the grid, the officials no longer have the patience to broadcast the new titles.

Who is Feride, the character played by Sinem Ünsal

In “Elbet Bir Gün”, she will play the role of Feride, who changed her name to Gizem after fleeing from her brother-in-law Cemil (Ömer Genç) to save her life. It is about a young woman who managed to build a new life and maintain a happy marriage. However, she finds out that her whole family has been killed and that Cemil is still looking for her and her older sister Nesime (Sebnem Bozoklu).

Nesime and Feride’s paths will cross again after many years. While Gizem tries to prevent the revelation of her true identity and that of her sister, her husband Mehmet (Burak Yamantürk) has secrets that he hides from her.

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