The Brief and Only New Home Furnishing Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Home Furnishing Checklist

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Whether you’re buying a new construction home or moving into a pre-existing abode, finding the right products for your new space is key to a happy life.

A smart homeowner knows how to find affordable furniture that will enhance their space and their lifestyle.

Read on for a quick new home furnishing checklist to ensure that you have everything you need for your new abode.


The most important new home furnishing includes comfortable pieces you can sit on and relax. Look for a new sofa, loveseat, and chairs so that you and your guests have room to stretch out and relax in comfort.

Visit some local furniture stores or go online to find the best furniture for your space. From accent chairs and recliners to sectionals, this furniture is an absolute must-have for the living room, den, or home office.

New Home Furnishing Checklist: Tables

Tables don’t just add style to your home, they add tons of functionality, too. Look for a few different tables you can add to the living room, bedroom, or a home office.

Coffee tables are perfect in front of your sofa, while end tables add versatility to a living space. You’ll also want to purchase a new dining room table so that you have a comfortable place to enjoy meals and entertain.


Even if you buy the best furniture possible, it won’t look its best without a few key accessories. Area rugs are a must-have for your new home as they add softness, color, and really help to tie a room together.

Explore various accessories that will complement your new home layout like mirrors and wall art. Throw pillows and blankets, potted plants, and small items of decor are all great items you can add to give your home some personality.


Your home will already come with lighting, but you might want to update it if it’s old and no longer in style. You can also layer your lighting by adding additional pieces such as a few table lamps and floor lamps.

Examine the current lighting in your home and consider installing new fixtures if the current ones are outdated. LED lights are beautiful to look at and will also save you money on your monthly energy bill.

Window Treatments

Natural light can make your home feel warm and inviting, but there will be times when you need some shade and privacy. Mini blinds are an affordable choice, but there are some higher-end options you can consider, too.

A pair of beautiful curtains on your windows will add texture and style to any space. You can also try Roman blinds, shutters, and a variety of other shades to keep the light out if you need to.

Elevate Your Space

Keep this new home furnishing checklist in mind when you’re ready to move into your new home. From comfortable sofas to tables and lighting, it’s a great way to make sure that your new space serves you well.

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