One28 Transforms the Club Scene in Southern Europe and America


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The next time you go to a club or party, don’t forget to bring your phone – it may be the only way that the DJ will take your request for your favorite song. Since June 2022, when the song request app One28 first debuted at the MK Club in Monte Carlo, partygoers have been using it to submit their requests for Kate Perry, Joint Seventh, and other artists. In August, the app landed here in the United States at the Faena Miami after being used by DJs at the Twiga Monte Carlo; the Maya Jah Monte Carlo, a restaurant; and other clubs in Southern Europe. With thousands of clubs and even more parties across America, the nation’s entertainment scene may be undergoing a mini-revolution of sorts, one led by an app that makes it easier for clubbers and DJs to communicate.

One28 is the brainchild of CEO Adrien Crastes and CFO Alexandre Coyette, two men who have been good friends for many years. They are quick to tell you that while they both love great music, it is their differences that have led to their app’s success. Adrien is the tech guy who loves to dig into data. A former D1 tennis player and math major at Bucknell University, he now divides his time between studying actuarial mathematics at Institut de Science Financière et d’Assurances and engineering One28. Alexandre, on the other hand, was born and raised in Monaco. He knows all the DJs working in one of Europe’s hottest club scenes, so his connections have helped the app to be introduced and gain momentum on the continent. 

“We came together to work on One28 at the right time,” says Adrien. “We could both see the need for a better way to request songs, as this was the 21st century and there should be no reason to yell in the DJ’s ear anymore. Like many people, we were also tired of walking into a party and finding it dead. The solution was obvious: help partygoers to ask DJs to play the right music.”

Thus the name, One28. Alexandre explains that no matter what your favorite song might be, when you hear it, your heart rate speeds up to 128 beats per minute. The right song can mean the difference between going home early and having a wonderful time. Until One28, audience members did not have an efficient way to request those energizing songs from DJs.

“Now, with our apps, they are able to directly communicate with each other no matter how dark or loud the room might be. They don’t even have to walk across the room. Song requests are all submitted through our One28 User App and received on the One28 DJ App,” he says.

The DJ keeps control of the song list. If a song is accepted, of course, the requestor will have the pleasure of hearing it played. If it is denied, the person will receive a full refund or can submit a different request.

The two co-founders say that the app has proved to be popular among DJs, in part because it is free. “It also takes some of the chaos out of receiving and playing song requests,” Adrien believes. “The requests are right there on the app, allowing the DJ to focus on choosing what will be played instead of juggling talking to people, playing songs, and judging the mood of the club.”

At its debut in Monte Carlo, DJ Chris S took 50 requests and was still receiving submissions for the next night. With that positive reception, it wasn’t long before One28 was in clubs in Marseille, Nice, Corsica, and other cities.

Now, as the app hits the party scene in the United States, Adrien and Alexandre are working to further expand its reach by accepting GBP, USD, and EUR for payments and payouts to DJs. “We are also developing our Mac OS DJ app and have released our web app so that DJs and audience members have more options for communicating with each other,” says Alexandre.

One28 Apps Transforms the Club Scene in Southern Areas

Their ultimate goal is for everyone who goes to a club to have a good time. “It really does come down to hearing the right music,” Adrien states. “When your song comes on, that’s what makes your night special. With One28, you can now easily tell the DJ exactly what you want to hear, and that can transform the party from boring to memorable.”

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