Our Style Tips According To Cancer’s Horoscope This Month

Cancer’s Horoscope

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The idea of seeing how the cosmos is connected to our closets completely fascinates me. There are 12 zodiac signs and each sign has its own personality strengths and weaknesses which more or less define your personal fashion choices. This month we are going to focus on the styling traits of a Cancerian in ready-to-wear kurtas and unstitched Kurtis. Comfy and cozy is the cancer way to dress but that doesn’t mean that Cancerian’s don’t clean up well with a very chic yet sophisticated classic look. A Cancerian is definitely a nurturer at heart and are also known for their love of family, home, and tradition. They live to embrace everything hanging in their closet regardless of fabric, texture and colour.                                   

Cancerian’s simply loved vintage like a silk kurta, classics that never go out of style. They know what they like and just stick to it. Elegant and feminine is their way to style clothes, anything that screams romance, pastels and cute accessories. Cancer’s are governed by the different phases of the moon and so is their tendency towards retail therapy whenever their mood takes them 

Our style tips according to cancer’s horoscope this month is:-

Colour Palette

Try adding different shades and flashes of pink and orange Kurtis in your wardrobes for a cozy, homely and warm feeling. These colours also bring a grounded aura to any look that you want to create this summer.  

Silhouettes and Cuts

Summers are immensely hot months so Cancerians should focus on their water sign and go for shapes that are fluid like A line Kurtis and high low hemlines.

A beautifully illustrated fancy yarn-dyed 2 piece ensemble rendered in attractive peach hue portrays an elegant frock silhouette with intricate motif embroidery at front and back yoke. The round neckline is enhanced with self-fabric and golden zari loops. Paired with a fancy yarn dyed tonal sharara, this innovative ensemble works well for both day and night formal occasions.

This Florence clothing beauty in Yale blue is a single piece Embroidered the latest design Kurti in white floral motifs over a blue solid colour. The neckline is an overlapped Y neck with pintuck and pearl detail. It’s a straight-cut kurta with an embroidered front and pearl embellishments on the daman. Full straight sleeves with ladder lace and pearl detailing. Paired with white straight pants or even white tulip shalwar would look very ethnic. Styled with white kola puris and silver jhumkis for a complete look. 

An ethereal blue 2-Piece A Line kurti design with dupatta in crinkle chiffon viscose, this pastel regalia is adorned in a soulful design and features an opulent silhouette, making it perfect for your formal soirees. The shirt is embossed with paste printed & an embroidery front, embroidered back, full sleeves with embroidery with a  V Neckline.

In basic white the all classic color, a two-piece shirt dupatta. The shirt comes with a basic round neck with hand embellishment detail. Fully embroidered botanical front and printed border on sleeves with gold tissue insert paired with a contrasting jacquard dupatta. One of the classics that never go out of fashion and are still the top kurti design 2021.

Another interesting kurta design in dull sky blue and silver or a beige and silver combination in a block printing styled print in dyed yarn jacquard

With a traditional long kurta and matching same colour trousers. When styled with classic silver and pearl studs and dull silver kola puris complete a classic outfit. 

Usually, when we think or talk about zodiac signs we know about our signs, love, compatibility, our dominant personality traits like dominance, practicality, intuition and so on, and most definitely what our future holds for us. But we don’t typically look for fashion advice in the stars, about things we can actually control, like our outfits. But maybe we should, our fashion sense represents our personalities and our moods. Whether we are looking for casual outfits or something to wear to work, looking for zodiac advice in deciding our wardrobe kind of streamlines the process and helps us make interesting capsule wardrobes for every season, not to mention the extra couple of minutes of sleep that you can grab each morning without feeling guilty. Whether you opt for unstitched Kurtis, or are ready to wear this concept could make for interesting birthday gifts too. 

I hope you like the list that we put together for you, and stay tuned for more zodiac sign fashion.

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