Why Perfume doesn’t last and what to do about it


Last Updated on March 23, 2024 by Saira Farman

Once we have applied the perfume we want the scent to stay as long as possible. Sometimes it depends upon the quality of the perfume. But sometimes there are a few mistakes we are making at our end that makes the perfume fade away. Of course after a certain period of time perfumes do need a reapplication. But this can be limited with a little tips and tricks that I am about to share in the following blog. Perfumes itself is a heavy investment since purchasing a perfume is a costly business we want it to stay longer. Whether they are best perfumes for men or women they will eventually fade away if you are not vigilant about a few things. 

Unfortunately, it’s not always the perfume’s fault that the scent fades away. There are uncountable factors that add up to this verdict. We cannot keep the fragrance from fading away all at once but we can make the little changes. That would keep the fragrance from drifting away quickly.

  • Applying it in the wrong places:

If your fragrance is fading away sooner than chances are that you not applying it in the right place. Many people apply it directly on their clothes after they finish getting ready. The end result is that the clothes might absorb the perfume but it does not stay longer.

The places to apply perfume are.

  1. Apply it on the pulse points.
  2. Applying it on your body right after you have taken shower.
  3. Spray a little on your brush and then use it in your hair that way your hair will smell good too.
  4. After applying it on the pulse points don’t rub over it. It actually beaks the scent molecules. And they disintegrate.
  5. You have dry skin:

If the scent is fading sooner than expected chances are that you are not moisturizing you skin amply. Some people don’t use any moisturizer on their skin. Contemplating that using a moisturizer will only mess up with the scent of the perfume. In this case you can always go for an unscented lotion. But the composition of your skin tells a lot about how long the perfume will last. It’s important to have a nice and moisturized skin in order to have a long lasting smell.

  • How you store your perfume matters:

If you are anyone like me you would immediately throw away the packaging of the perfume. As soon as it makes it to your vanity which is justifiable since we want to flaunt those bottles. But perfumes are sensitive and they tend to decompose and change their composition when they are exposed to sunlight. The best place to store them is probably away from the sunlight and in the box in which it comes. That way it will not change its composition and will last longer.

As the constant exposure to sun gives it a rusty edge while as it stays out of the box oxygen enters the bottle. And both these mistakes deplete the durability of the perfume.
If you are not careful in this regard your perfume will expire before its expiry date.

  • Make sure it’s not counterfeited:

Another reason why you fragrance does not lasts longer is probably because it is replica. These days many companies are creating forged products. One such is perfumes. We tend to become the victim of it by thinking that since we are getting it in low price we must invest in it. Consequently, due to lack of authentic ingredients the perfume never lasts longer.

Hence, before you purchase a perfume try to opt for the authentic sellers. There are counterfeited perfumes allover in the market. It is recommended to go online and check the official website for the company. Have profound knowledge on what are the ingredients of the perfume. It would be good if you can purchase on online that way you can avoid any trobble. Like getting copied product that is an act of forgery.

When you purchase a perfume keep the following things in mind.

  • Test the bottle:

When we talk about authentic perfumes the designer invest as much in the bottle as much as they have invested in the fragrance. Contrary to this as you hold a bottle of a replica the quality of the bottle will give it away that the perfume is not authentic.

  • Smell before you buy it:

Before you buy a perfume take a sniff of it as a test. Because the authentic brand perfumes don’t have a strong smell to it on the first spritz. But the replicas as they cheap will have a strong smell due to an abundant presence of alcohol in it.

  • You are choosing lighter scents:

Our daily go- to fragrances is floral and citrus scents. As much as they smell refreshing they tend to fade away sooner than later. So to make a fragrance last longer it is recommended to invest in fragrances that are woodier and have stronger and earthy notes.