Top 5 Benefits of Mobile Robots for Your Business

Mobile Robots

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Are you looking for ways to streamline your business? Technology has always been at the forefront of the most efficient and successful businesses, so embracing it is a positive step. If you’re running a warehouse or production line, mobile robots could help increase accuracy and productivity. Robots for warehouses may sound like something from the future, but this technology is a reality today.

If you want to learn more about mobile robots and how they could help your business, keep reading.

1. Mobile Robots Reduce the Risk of Injury

Workplace injuries cost companies a staggering $171bn in 2019. The loss of productivity, the cost of medical expenses, and the cost of wages all make up this figure. 

Injuries happen. Workers get tired, distracted, or careless. Mobile robots negate these colossal costs. Starting a process of automation can have a huge impact on your expenses as a business, especially if there is high-risk work involved.

Mobile robots’ cost could be balanced off against the capital you’ll save by not having these expenses.

2. Maximise the Use of Space

Another way that productivity and efficiency can be improved in the workplace with mobile robots is the fact that you’ll have more space for storage/stock.

Even a large warehouse will need to have sufficient space for workers to move around safely. With a well-implemented system of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), aisles can be narrower and spaces can be tighter. 

3. Robots Allow You to Make Use of Workers

Technology is always improving, but there are certain things that only human workers can do. Communication, problem-solving, and decision-making are all things that are best done by a human.

With robots doing some of the more monotonous or routine work, your organization will be free to employ and utilize people for more important tasks that are crucial to the running of a business.

Maybe an ex-warehouse worker could provide another service answering emails or phone calls, or perform other administrative tasks.

4. Robots Don’t Take Breaks or Holidays

Trying to balance staff holidays can be a headache. Keeping staff happy while maintaining productivity can leave a manager banging their head off the wall. 

There are many types of robots, but we aren’t aware of one that needs an hour for lunch, or a couple of weeks off for Christmas. 

Another benefit in this regard is that in holidays seasons like Christmas when demand for products may go up, you’re not left understaffed by people on holiday and can actually increase productivity with mobile robots.

5. Maintain Consistency and Accuracy

We’ve mentioned the fact that humans can get tired or complacent, and how it can lead to workplace injuries. But it’s also the case that humans, by nature, might make mistakes or be inconsistent.

While robots aren’t completely perfect, they are far less likely to make errors than humans. Whether it’s a robot that tightens screws or simply moves items around the warehouse, you can be assured of consistency in their work.

Could Your Business Benefit From Mobile Robots?

Mobile robots aren’t a sci-fi pipe dream—they are a reality right now. 

If you have a warehouse automation that has some high-risk work, or the need for more space, or simply the need for better productivity, you should consider what mobile robots could bring to your organization.

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