How to Plan a Great Getaway for Family and Friends


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Did you know that nearly 90% of people in the United States think that a weekend trip is a better stress reliever when compared to large vacations? 

Planning a trip with family and friends is fun when you don’t have to worry about so many details and expensive bills.

If you want to relax for a few days to enjoy time with others, you should go on a weekend getaway. 

Continue reading to discover the key components to a great getaway trip with your friends and family! 

Choose the Group

One of the first things you must decide for a great getaway is who all is coming.

Figuring out the guests is important if you want to plan activities and go to an area that interests everyone. Whether you want to go with your friends, family, or both, you should write all of the names down.

Having a list will help you identify if you missed someone special. This will also come in handy when you are working out the traveling details to determine who will ride with who. Try to build a group that gets along and works well together.

Pick a Destination 

If you want to plan an amazing weekend getaway, you need to focus on the destination.

The destination is the most important thing because it will set you up with scenery and activities. If you and your friends are wanting to go to a cabin for a couple of days to relax and enjoy nature, look for somewhere beautiful that is within a few hours away. 

Some people select their destination based on things like access to water and if events are going on in the area. Talk amongst your group to see if people want a more relaxing or exciting getaway. All of the ideas will help find a destination that everyone will enjoy. 

Determine Method of Transportation 

When it comes to smaller getaways, a plane ticket shouldn’t be necessary.

Most people don’t have a budget to pay for a plane ticket for a small trip, especially if multiple people in the family are going. To make the trip more affordable and convenient, you should consider driving or taking a train. These are fun ways to get to your destination and they will be an adventure before you arrive.

If you want to determine the best way to get to your place, think about things like who has access to vehicles and driving and how far away the trip will be. Gas money and train tickets should be looked into to see what is the most practical way. 

Keep in mind that if you take the train, you will have to rent a car or rely on public transportation once you get to where you are headed. 

Find a Rental 

After you have picked a great location with your group, you can start looking at rentals.

Many people recommend large vacation home rentals if you are going with a group of more than 8 people. Hotels can be expensive with bigger groups and they pull away from the bonding time. Renting a place with your friends and family will extend the time you get with each other and take the pressures off of driving back.

Pay attention to the number of rooms, beds, and bathrooms in the rentals that you consider. Many resorts and tourist towns have cabins or condos that you can rent. Otherwise, a great place to find a rental on applications such as Airbnb service company

Plan Activities & Events 

Although a weekend getaway doesn’t require an itinerary as a larger trip might need, you should still do some planning.

It is helpful to go online and look up popular things to do in the area you are visiting. Town websites and travel sites will give you ideas on places to eat, party, and explore. Depending on where you are going, the activities and events will vary. 

Festivals, nature preserves, and theme parks are common activities that people do. Depending on the place and time of year, you could even do a ski trip or white water rafting! 

Let the Good Times Roll 

Let’s face it, no matter how good of a deal you find, you will still spend money on a getaway trip.

From snacks to activities and rentals, you will be investing your money. Instead of stressing about this, take advantage of your time and enjoy it. Turning off your phone and skipping your email can help relieve stress and connect you with your friends and family.

You already took the time off of work, so do whatever you can to enjoy yourself. This will give you some of the best memories and moments that can’t be replaced. 

Set a Budget

Depending on your group members, you might have different budgets for a trip.

At the beginning of your planning, you should talk amongst your group about reasonable budgets for the trip. This will help everyone save up and prepare if they need to. It also prevents anyone from getting surprised at the cost of the trip and spending more than they can afford. 

Since renting a place with a group is often cheaper, you can use that extra money on things like food and events. 

A Great Getaway Isn’t Far Away

If you are wanting to plan a great getaway, you should dive in and start building your group.

Getting a good group of people together can relieve stress and make everyone’s lives a bit more enjoyable. Small getaways shouldn’t leave you broke, but take time to look up things you can do in the area, whether they cost money or are free. 

Don’t be afraid to put the work away and have fun with everyone. 

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