Beginner guide to playing a badminton game like a pro

Beginner guide to playing a badminton game like a pro

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Badminton is the most played game around the world. You can play badminton as a hobby, as a professional, or as a workout. It needs lots of strength to play badminton as you need to hit the shuttle that can come anywhere on the ground. If you are merely a beginner in this game, you need to learn some basic skills to enjoy the game with your friends. For this purpose, you must get the best racket under 2000 and a shuttlecock. To get this set, you can explore your locality’s online and offline stores.

Whether a beginner or a professional, you need some essential badminton skills to play this game. Here, a professional knows every step, but the beginner needs to learn the skills and basic techniques to hit the ground well. 

In this article, we will discuss some basic skills that are required to learn by the beginner to play a badminton game. You can find this beginner guide below, so let’s have a look:

The grip of the racket: 

The perfect grip is imperative to play a good match of badminton as it is a must to control the shots and prevent you from a hand injury. If your grip is perfect, you can easily play backhand and forehand strokes without stress-free. For a good grip, you need to place your thumb against the broader area of the handle and place the rest hand like a handshake on the racket handle. Try to hold it firmly as it should not be too tight or loose. This way, you can play both strokes effectively.

Stances badminton skill: 

Stances are the standing way in the ground. You can play a nice shot without missing it if you stand in the right place. Here, you need to know about the stances, and these are of three types such as: 

  1. Attacking stance
  2. Defensive stance
  3. Net stances

Footworks skill: 

Footwork skill is most important to play like a professional as it allows you to play effectively and organized on the court. For the best footwork, you need to start to form the base line, move 2 or 3 steps back, shuffle one step to the side, and move 2 to 3 steps to the front side. This way, you can hold a solid and effective match against your mate player.

  • Serve badminton skill: It is also a fundamental skill of badminton that every player should learn. The service should be good to play a long match. In this, you need to serve legally in order to escape penalty points. Also, services are of two types such as:
  • High service: In this type of service, you must serve at the back-end corner over the opponent player’s court. When you serve high, you can comfortably execute a strong smash. This way, you can make the opponent weaker and may win the inning.
  • Low service: It is unlike high service as you need to learn to serve the low and hit the front of the court. This way, your opponent may miss the shot, and you can win that inning over him.

Smash badminton skill: 

It is the best and most reliable stroke in order to weaken the opponent. In this, you can powerfully hit the shuttle towards the opponent; if the shot is good, the opponent can never execute it well. You can find three types of smashes such as:

  • Forehand smash skill: It is the overhead smash similar to throwing a ball. 
  • Backhand smash skill: It is the most challenging smash as it needs more practice to learn. Here, it would help if you had a perfect backhand grip to play this smash. 
  • Jumping smash skill: when you combine a forehand smash with a jump, it is called a jumping smash. Here, you need to practice a forehand smash to adopt this skill.

Drop shot skill: 

The drop shot is also essential in playing badminton as it contains backhand and forehand grips. To play this shot, you need to win the points to aim at scoring points at deception. It creates the space between the mid-court and backcourt to exploit. You can find two types of drop shots, fast and slow, and you can adapt to anyone according to the current situation. 

Clear or lob shot skill: 

This shot aims to play from the forecourt to lift or lob the shuttle over the mated player. You can execute this shot by backhand and forehand accordingly. You can learn it with the hard work and practice of years. 


All the above are the best and most trustful badminton skills that everyone should know who have an interest in this game and want to enjoy it. You need to practice all the above steps to play like a professional and win over your players.

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