5 Key Points that Should Be Included in Marketing OKRs

5 Key Points that Should Be Included in Marketing OKRs

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In the quest to create better working environments for employees, companies have sought the help of OKR management tools to give them direction and purpose. Besides creating better working environments, OKRs also make it easy to achieve business goals.

Objectives and Key Results help each department know what is expected of them and how to achieve those expectations in the specified period. Therefore, a marketing team with the right OKR management tools is bound for success, putting the company out there.

Key Points to Include in Marketing OKRs

1.   The Team’s Objectives

Objectives are the starting point of every OKR management tool. By setting clear adjectives, the team will know what to do or plan what activities will help achieve that objective. Discussing the objectives as a team to develop reasonable and actionable ones is the first step toward making the dream work. Marketing OKRs need to have objectives that will guide the employees on their daily tasks.

2.   A Target Date

Like any other smart goal, marketing OKRs need a timeline to guide the team on how fast to achieve each objective. Creating a time limit for a purpose helps the team assess each action’s effectiveness in meeting the set goals. You can select a target date based on the business calendar. Most companies will have a quarterly calendar. When selecting a timeline, it is essential to consider the tasks’ impact and prioritize the most impactful ones.

3.   The Visibility of The OKR

Depending on who plays a part in the set objectives, marketing OKRs should define accessibility. The tool has various features that may not be relevant to every team member. Therefore, managers can restrict access to sensitive information and only share what is relevant with every employee—managing who sees what makes the tool work seamlessly and keeps sensitive information discreet.

4.   Collaboration and Alignment

The more the marketing OKRs are aligned with the entire company’s goals, the more purposeful they will be. Employees need to see their part in achieving the company’s goals to feel essential and motivated. Also, if you give your team the chance to brainstorm and share their opinion, you open room for smarter ideas and inclusion. All these make your company a good working place for each one of the employees.

5.   The Key Results

Quantifying your goals as a team is very important because it helps you know what is achievable and a bit of a stretch. You can define key results in terms of difficulty and make them a milestone towards the objective. Once you achieve a milestone, your team knows that they are closer to achieving the set goals.


Marketing OKRs bring progress and organization to a team. They give the team focus and structure, increasing productivity and having better team alignment. OKRs help the team see how their work connects to the overall company objectives. You can easily manage the team and achieve organizational goals with the right OKR management tool.

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