Measures For Preventing Clogged Sewer Lines And Drains

Measures For Preventing Clogged Sewer Lines And Drains
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Last Updated on March 17, 2024 by Umer Malik

The drain lines in your home often fail to get the attention they deserve. It is only when things go wrong that people understand the significance of a free-flowing drain line. The drain lines are responsible for carrying water and waste from your home to swerve lines. Therefore, any clog or blockage in these lines can result in significant complications. 

These complications can come in the form of a slow drain or entirely clogged drains. Of course, you can always reach a plumber in Fremantle to resolve these, but there are specific measures you could take yourself to prevent such issues. These measures include: 

No Hair Must Go Down The Drain:

  1. Strands of hair getting stuck down the drain are the most common causes of a clogged drain or swerve line. What’s even worse is that it can be almost impossible to get rid of these blockades using a plunger. 

Therefore, you will need to call a reliable professional from Inspector Jet to treat the complication in most cases. Hence it is recommended you use a hair catcher made of fine mesh. This will prevent the hair from going down the drain and keep your drain clear and free-flowing.  

Keep An Eye Out For Greasy Food:

  1. Another leading cause behind a clogged drain or pipeline is greasy food going down the drain or pipelines. When you throw greasy food down the drain, it might not result in an immediate clog. 

However, given enough time, the grease will begin to build up within the drain resulting in further complications. This will further catch other items flowing down the drain resulting in a much more significant complication. Therefore, never make the mistake of dumping any greasy food down the drain to ensure you have a free-flowing drain. 

Cleaning The Drain Lines:

  1. As the old saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. The same principle applies to your drains and sewer lines. Cleaning your drains every once in a while can go a long way to ensure there is no build-up of grease or any other type of clog within the drain. 

You can simply reach competent experts from Inspector Jet and get your drains cleaned. This is the best way to ensure there is no major complication with your drain, which will result in unwanted and unprecedented expenses.  

Soap Scum:

  1. Clogs in your drain or sewer lines are often the result of soap scum. Especially homeowners living in an area with hard water can frequently come across such issues. The hard water reacting with the soap forms soap scum, a slimy and sticky scum similar to grease. 

Therefore, you can use a water softener to prevent such issues, or you can even switch to body washes or liquid soaps. This will prevent the formation of soap scum which is key to ensuring you have a clog-free drain and sewer line. 

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best measures you can take to prevent your drain from blocking or clogging. Therefore, leverage this information and ensure your drain does succumb to any sort of clog or blockage that can hamper the flow of drain water.       

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