What questions should appear in your mind when choosing a digital marketing agency for your business?

Questions appear in your mind when choosing a Digital?

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What services does the agency offer?

Check if the agency you are going to hire deals with the services you are interested in. It sounds trivial, but it’s extremely important. It happens that in order to acquire a new client, the agency like Ducima Analytics private limited undertakes to carry out activities that it has no idea about. In that case, you might as well be doing the marketing yourself. The most popular online marketing activities are:

  • SEO (positioning and optimization),
  • PPC (paid advertising – AdWords, Facebook Ads),
  • running profiles in Social Media and,
  • Content Marketing (e.g. running company blogs).

From what and when does the agency start its activities?

This question is a bit tricky. Before starting any activities, any agency that respects itself and the client should delve into the specifics of the service recipient’s business. As your business has its own identity, your marketing efforts should reflect it. Whoever will conduct them to do it flawlessly should be familiar with your business. A good marketing agency first carefully learns about the client’s needs, the specifics of the market in which his company operates and the competition. Only then does he match specific solutions that will best promote his business. Therefore, to the above question, expect an answer that will confirm the commencement of any actions after doing good research and preparing a unique strategy.

Can I contribute to the strategy?

Remember that by choosing a marketing agency, you do not lose the right to co-create your marketing strategy. Be aware that you really influence its shape and your voice is decisive. Don’t be fooled by monologue-minded marketers who present clichéd solutions that are applicable to every customer. The power of dialogue gives much more, and the strategy is something that is tailored and constantly adapted so that it does not lose its shape.

Is it possible to talk to one of the agency’s clients?

Trust is the basis, if it is missing, there is no question of cooperation. An agency that can boast no credibility is not worthy of attention. It is worth trying to check whether the achievements that the agency boasts are in fact its achievements. It’s very easy to stretch the truth just to win a customer. This attitude does not bode well for the future – what will happen when marketers promoting your product start lying to you? Talk to the agency’s clients is the best way to check whether it is worth trusting.

What is the team’s experience?

Marketing is a serious matter, so experience is a must. Working with an agency that will learn from mistakes can result in many negative effects, from spoiling the image to disappearing from the Google search engine.

How often will you be in contact?

Don’t be afraid to ask for recurring reports or conference calls to prove the work of marketers. In this way, you will check the effectiveness of cooperation and find out whether your investment is profitable or you have to give it up because it does not bring the intended results. Remember that when you work with experts, you don’t have to be one yourself – when you don’t understand something, don’t hesitate and ask for an explanation. 

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