QuickBooks Vs. Xero How To Buy Accounting Software

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Last Updated on January 9, 2024 by Umer Malik

Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional method of bookkeeping for your small business? Don’t worry you don’t need to be an expert to do this you just need to find the right software that can do all your bookkeeping work. There are hundreds of accounting software that can help you but one of the proficient software is QuickBooks.

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is accounting software that creates invoices, manages expenses and views your small business finances with super ease. QuickBooks services are so excellent and customer friendly that makes it convenient to use. This software manages your business’s accounting and lets you know your profits and loss. Using this software you will be easily able to track where your business stands. Quickbook can also be downloaded on mobile from the play store. It is endorsed in the following operating systems:

Windows 7, window XP, Mac OS, Linux, windows vista, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Unix, web browser, windows 8, and windows 10.

Why and how to purchase new accounting software?

Reasons, why you should buy and use QuickBooks accounting software, are:

  • It can assist you with bank reconciliation, quest expenses, drafts invoices, and monitor financial statements.
  • It is easy to use and affordable for people with small businesses.
  • As it is cloud-based it can be accessed from any computer anywhere.
  • You can customise invoices as per your choice and can add your logo if you want.
  • It has inventory capabilities, multiple currencies, and about 650 integrations.
  • It’s features such as automatic sales receipt, split transactions, scheduled invoices are immensely useful.
  • Scheduled invoices make it easy to get payment from customers. QuickBooks software is modest to comprehend and operate.

If you want to buy QuickBooks software there are four prices with 30- days free trial and you can also cancel the service when you want. The four plans are

Simple start plan:

This plan costs $25 per month. It includes

  • Endless invoices
  • Endless estimates
  • Expenditure tracking
  • Live bank feeds
  • Reports
  • Integrates with 650+ apps
  • Single user and mileage search

Essential plan:

The essential plan costs about $40 and comprises everything that smart plan does including:

  • Accounts due
  • Time quest
  • Three users can use

Plus plan:

Plus plan costs about $70 per month and includes everything which essential plan has and with extra benefits like:

  • Inventory
  • Project Management
  • 1099 tax assistance
  • Five users can use

Advanced plan:

Advanced plans cost about $150 and including everything that advanced plan has including extra benefits like:

  • A fathom subscription for advanced reporting & analytics
  • Custom user authorizations
  • Computerized workflows
  • A dedicated customer success manager
  • Prerogative supervision
  • Training
  • 25 users can use

Extra costs include buying:

  • Payrolls
  • QuickBooks payment
  • Tax-E-Filling
  • Custom invoice template
  • Live bookkeeping

QuickBooks features include:

  • The free mobile app from which one can access the account from anywhere, anytime and at any device
  • It has the feature of dashboards and reports that gives insight on how the business is doing by providing customised reports.
  • Automatic backups are done by QuickBooks every day so you remain up to date.
  • Data safety is ensured as your data is protected by rank level safety.
  • Free unlimited customer support is available 24/7. All inquiries and data regarding your business will be responded by the software.

How to download QuickBooks software on your desktop?

  • Using your email address sign into your account port that you used to buy QuickBooks desktop. It should be the same as a pro-advisor sign.
  • In the manage section select QuickBooks desktop.
  • Find and select the version you need.
  • Click on the download to get the installation file.
  • Select the details to get your license number and product number.

QuickBooks Vs Xero

Both QuickBooks and xero are excellent accounting software. But there are some features that make QuickBooks more efficient and advantageous. QuickBooks has a simple and customisable layout that offers an instant view on loss and profit, sales, bank account balances and invoices. Xero does not have any online customer support while that’s not the case with QuickBooks. Many important features of Xero are provided in expensive plans but in QuickBooks, it is available in cheap plans too.

All features are not supported in the mobile app of zero and quick look has a perfect mobile app that supports all features. Xero has a monthly transaction limit of 1000 transactions. QuickBooks is advantageous than zero in terms of plan options, time tracking, and tax tools. Xero needs step by step software setup. QuickBooks is better for people with very small business.


Using accounting software can lower down your workload as the software maintains your invoices, stock, profit and losses. Using QuickBooks can decrease your payment related worries due to its feature of automatic invoice generation. QuickBooks software is a smart choice to manage your business and save your valuable time.