Worst Time of the Year to Move


Last Updated on January 7, 2022 by rida

When you decide to move, there will be many things to look at. You will have to choose a house to move into, but that can be made easier by using a mortgage affordability calculator. However, there are other aspects that you have to worry about such as picking the best neighborhood, packing your things, and hiring the right movers. In the middle of everything, it is simple to forget that ‘when’ is equally important as ‘how.’

Knowing the worst time to move will relieve you from stress and save you time. To help you make the right decision, here is a list of the worst time to move:

Hurricane and Thunderstorm Manifests

If you are moving to Texas, most people think of hurricanes and thunders, common in the area. 

You don’t want to find yourself in the traffic run when a tornado is at its peak, so some of the months to watch out for include June, April, and May.

Main Holidays

Many movers either increase moving costs or completely close on main holidays.

Professionals at Sandhills Moving suggest that if a holiday is approaching alongside your move-in date, ensure you look at your calendar to determine other days of the week you might relocate to a new home. 


On weekends, usually from Friday to Sunday, are the worst days to move. Because many individuals are off during weekends, you will have to book moving services early.

You will also have to give notice and pay more cash than if opted to relocate between Monday and Thursday.


Many individuals move out during summer because of various factors like the general weather conditions and school schedules. This simply means, as a renter or home buyer, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from, making it competitive in the market. Because of this, there is a chance that you will not run into cheaper rents or specials.

You may also have limited time to make the right decision on the property you want to move in. If you take a lot of time to sign on the dotted line, realtors may easily get another individual to fill your spot.

Peak Season

If you want to have affordable moving costs, be sure to avoid relocating to a new home during peak season. Normally, this period goes from May to June.

However, this does not indicate that you need to book your move during winter. If a moving company must struggle in weather conditions that you decide to schedule your move, it might generate potential delays.

Strong Winter Winds

The unavoidable chilly climate might result in an unpleasant move. People regard winter as the worst time to move because of safety reasons.

The roads might slick because of cold weather, making it a safety threat. Despite the available discounts, you might want to reassess your needs and prioritize your safety by choosing another date to relocate.

In Conclusion!

Moving is a nightmare itself. You will need to properly pack all your things in boxes and agree upon a completion date before the mortgage offer expires.Apart from that, the day you choose to relocate can also cause stress, especially when trading up in August.