Reasons to Move to Ojen, Spain

Ojen, Spain

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Ojen is a little, charming white hamlet tucked away between the Sierra Blanca and Costa de Sol. A few small taverns and restaurants may be found, and the public services are decent. You might want to think about buying Ojen Spain property for sale  if you want a quiet life that is rather traditional in many ways.

This quaint village is located 650 feet above the Rio Real valley across the Almadán stream and is enclosed by the Sierras Blanca and Alpujata. Given that these mountain ranges have long been regarded as rich producers of talc, nickel, iron, and lead, Ojen once led the Spanish industrial revolution.

History and architecture enthusiasts will appreciate the historical landmarks, monuments of historical significance, and walk through Ojen that clearly evokes the Moors. In this way, the parish church of Our Lady of the Incarnation, which was constructed in the XVI century on the foundation of an old mosque, upholds the memory of San Dionisio Areopagita. The bell tower’s minaret, which was part of the original building, is still there.

El Ojeando, one of the festivals honoring national independent music, is celebrated annually in Ojen. You can mix leisure with active tourism, nightlife, and golf practice at the Soto Golf Club thanks to the area’s stunning natural scenery, vibrant cultural life, and close proximity to Marbella.

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One of Ojen’s emblems is water, and you may discover the Fountain of Chorros by wandering through the town’s center. Water has been flowing through this fountain’s five pipes for more than a century, especially since 1905.

You can visit the Oil Mill Museum, which features original olive-grinding equipment and art exhibitions, to learn more about the manufacturing and heritage of some of its top goods

The Ojen Caves are accessible. These karstic natural landmarks have long been associated with village life. Although formerly utilized as shelters for both people and animals, they are now a feature of a garden where performances, concerts, and other events are frequently hosted.

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