Repair and Restore: How to Repair Siding

Repair Siding
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Dents, holes, and other types of siding damage are usually easy to fix. Not only that, but you can likely do the job on your own, for an affordable price. Thanks to innovative epoxies, hardeners, and wood fillers, it is simple to firm up soft spots and make durable and long-lasting repairs. Also, making repairs can add years of life to your siding. While this is true, if you have never repaired siding before, you may need some tips on how to repair siding. If that’s the case, keep reading. Here you can find helpful tips and strategies to ensure your siding is repaired and looking great quickly.

Clean the Damaged Area

No matter what type of siding you have in place, it’s essential that you clean the damaged area before trying to make repairs. If you aren’t sure you can handle this, read on how to find and hire a contractor to handle this for you.

To clean the area, use soap, water, and a sponge. You should also wait about two hours so the area is completely dry before doing anything else.

Get Your Caulk Ready

Cut the end of your caulk tube off and then puncture the seal with something sharp. Pull the plunger portion of the caulk gun all the way back to load up the tube.

Fill the Hole

Place the nozzle of the caulk tube over the hole or damaged area in the siding. Fill it with caulk. It is a good idea to overfill.

Doing this will ensure the area is completely filled and prevent water from penetrating through the material.

Give the Caulk Time to Dry

Be sure to give the caulk plenty of time to dry. Most experts recommend waiting for 24 hours.

Once the caulk is dry, scrape off any excess caulk using a scraper. If you were unable to find caulk that matched the siding’s color, paint the surface to create a seamless look.

Other Methods for Repairing Your Home’s Siding

Along with the caulking method mentioned above, there are a few other ways you can repair your home’s siding.

For example, you can use a patch. You can also replace the entire strip of siding where the damage is located. Both repair methods require more skill than using caulk, which means it may be best to hire a professional to handle the job.

Now You Know How to Repair Siding

Now that you know how to repair siding, you can keep the exterior of your home looking amazing. Remember, many things can cause damage, but knowing how to make the needed repairs will help you avoid impacting your home’s curb appeal and value.

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