The Untold Secret to Mastering COFFEE PACKAGING in Just 3 Days

Untold Secret to Mastering COFFEE PACKAGING in Just 3 Days

Last Updated on March 23, 2024 by Nadeem Ahmed

All the commodities that we used are manufactured by thousands of different brands and companies. For example, coffee which is very commonly available in our houses, over 100 different brands are selling it. Some common ones we all know are Nescafe, Mount Hagen, Starbucks, Folgers, and the list goes on and on. Although there are 30 different types of coffee yet the competition in this industry too is very high like all others. Now the question arises how one can stay ahead of this competition, well the answer is not very complex. What is the first thing a buyer notices while buying something? It is the packaging that instantly grabs the attention, all the other things are secondary. Such packaging should be used to compel a buyer to choose your brand over others.

It must convey to its consumers or buyer why your brand’s product is exclusive and worthy of their money and time. Many wholesalers in the market make customized packaging that’ll help your brand stand out, H5 packaging is one of such wholesalers but they aren’t the only ones, several others are also offering their services, you can choose the one that you find the best for your brand.

Following are some untold secrets to mastering coffee packaging:

Proper protection of Coffee

Why is packaging needed mainly? Packaging indeed makes a product stand out yet the main objective is something else which is the protection of the product. Thus the first thing your packaging needs to do is protect the coffee and keep it fresh. Matter which sort of coffee it is, the whole bean, flavored or ground protection is very crucial. Using laminated aluminum is the best option as it keeps the coffee moist free. For even better protection Modified Atmosphere Packaging can be used. It is a bit expensive but keeps the coffee in the newest state. The best and most popular method in this regard is one-way degassing which prevents the freshness from fading away and disposes of the natural carbon dioxide of the coffee through a valve. At the same time not letting oxygen, moisture, or light inside the packaging.

There are numerous other modified atmosphere packaging options accessible including nitrogen gas flushing, barrier packaging, scavenger, and many more. One can choose to use any of the following in coffee packaging depending on their needs. To maintain the best type of freshness all of the above can be used as well.

Use of custom coffee boxes

After enclosing your coffee with laminated foil or modified atmosphere packaging you can put them in custom-made coffee boxes. For this purpose, there are two designs of boxes. One, display custom coffee boxes. These boxes showcase the coffee sashay through the box. The next style is tuck end boxes. Tuck end boxes have a close end at the bottom. Tuck end boxes have furthermore types which include reserve tuck end boxes, straight tuck end boxes, auto-lock tuck end, and seal end boxes. These boxes are commonly made from cardboard or cardstock.

Attractive printing

 The boxes are highly customizable which means that one can get it designed according to their own choice and taste. The specification of colors is one of them. A box with vibrant colors is often easy to spot on the shelves than a less colorful one. Foil embossing and brand logo can also be printed which promotes the brand and company.

Eco-friendly packaging

Another way of mastering coffee packaging is by using eco-friendly materials. Since the boxes are made of cardboard, corrugate, or cardstock these are recyclable and biodegradable, promoting an eco-friendly environment. Nowadays people are very mindful of the fact that the products they use should be eco-friendly. According to experts, this material can be reused on average 6-8 times, which means that it also minimizes the generation of waste. The way these boxes benefit the environment is through their biodegradability and recyclability. Biodegradable means that they can be decomposed easily without affecting the environment.

Due to custom packaging, there is a surge in sales

It is generally believed that custom coffee packaging leads to high sales, it encourages the customers and buyers to purchase and use your product. It plays a great role in putting a good impression on the store shelf. A coffee packaging that is stooped over, not printed properly, isn’t appealing enough because of poor colors, has air bubbles and the coffee inside it gets stale will surely lose its potential buyers.

To see a surge in growth of sales and improved brand image, attractive, eye-catching, well protected and environment-friendly packaging plays a great role. Without a doubt, these are also the untold secret to master coffee packaging in a short time. Packaging shouldn’t be considered an afterthought but aforethought.

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