5 Simple Ways To Beat Stress

5 Simple Ways To Beat Stress

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Everyone faces stress at one time or another. Whether it is problems at work, financial difficulties, too many social obligations, or familial pressures, no one is immune from the burdens of life. Sometimes just one trick that works for you is all you need to center yourself and calm the body and mind. Next time you’re feeling on edge, take a deep cleansing breath and try out one of these simple stress-busting methods.

Enrol in Adventure Course

If you’re looking for a way to escape the stresses of daily life, try enrolling in an FLGx adventure course. These courses offer a fun and challenging environment that can help you de-stress and connect with nature. There are many different types of adventure courses available, so be sure to find one that matches your interests and needs.

Add Some Color(ing) 

Once thought of as exclusively a children’s activity, coloring books for adults have become very popular over the past decade—and for good reason. The act of coloring has a meditative quality; your hands are busy, and your mind is focused on one task. Plus, creating something beautiful is a source of pride and happiness! There are so many gorgeous options especially designed for adults; try a mandala coloring book or one that features forest scenes. Regardless of what you pick, coloring will make your creativity come alive and alleviate your stress in the process. 

Try Some Yoga

Yoga is an extremely popular stress relief choice because it really works wonders. You don’t have to fold yourself in half or twist yourself into a pretzel to get the full benefits of yoga. Just a few minutes of quiet breathing, stretching, and light body movement each day can make a world of difference. There are plenty of yoga videos for free online for beginners and pros alike. It is possible for anybody to enjoy the peace and freedom that comes from practicing yoga, regardless of skill level. 

Open A Book

Reading is a relatively quick, portable, and inexpensive way to calm your brain and focus your attention elsewhere. A little healthy escapism by way of a book can be extremely calming. Books help the reader to see things from a unique perspective, learn about different people and cultures, and travel to places (both real and fictional) that would never be possible outside the pages of a novel. Getting lost on an adventure in a faraway place or anticipating the killer’s next move in an exciting thriller is a perfect way to distance yourself from the stress of the day.

Walk It Out

Taking a stroll outside and breathing in the fresh air can instantly ease your worries and woes. Walking itself is pretty mindless and naturally clears some space in your head. Oftentimes, making a little space in your thoughts is just enough to reach a conclusion about a problem or release some negative emotions. Plus, the outdoors has different stimuli than inside your home or office, such as birds singing, the smell of grass, feeling the breeze on your face, or beautiful flowers. This variety can stimulate new thoughts or calm a racing mind. If you don’t like to walk in silence, try putting on an interesting podcast or some of your favorite tunes. You still get all the benefits of spending time outdoors while also enjoying another activity you love, too. 

Complete A Hard Task

This one seems a little counterintuitive, but it totally works! If you are buried under a to-do list and have no idea where to start, get the biggest thing out of the way first. Start in on that endless pile of laundry or make that time-consuming phone call. After you’re done, you can check it off your list and feel so much better in the process! Once you start gaining momentum, the next items on your list won’t feel as overwhelming. 

Adding even one of these methods to your day can add some calm energy to your space. Dealing with stress isn’t easy, and a lot of small efforts throughout the day can bring you back to center and aid your ability to deal with the next daunting task. When you are less frazzled, life is just plain easier for yourself and everyone around you. So, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to take some time each day to actively work on reducing stress. 

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