Skin Moisturizers

Skin Moisturizers

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All over the world, lotions are very popular and widely used cosmetics to soften and moisture the skin, people start using home-produced lotions since human civilization reveled to prevent the skin dry out, a record shows that ancient people used the oil of castor plants, olive oil and animal byproducts to make lotions, the harsh climate, exposure of sun and wind let the ancient people to committed how to take care their skin, they start produce with easily available plants, hence not only for moisturizing the skin but also they added flowers and herbs to get pleasant odor , step by step skin care products shows progress and become scientific discovery, when we come in19th lotions start produced with different minerals, oils and many more ingredients to maintain skin pH the ingredients play a vital role on the whole moisturizing and skin balancing process,  these lotions ingredients designed to tone your skin and to act as a protective layer for your skin in addition to keeps your face hydrated, Since ancient civilization until now, natural ingredients are the main inputs of skin moisturizers herbs and flowers play a big role as a source of oil and fragrance of lotions, we will see how they functioning  later on first let’s see some important points about them.

Now days there are many things which exposed our skin to damage, the modern life has a challenge by itself for the skin health, for instance the environmental degradation like harsh weather, air pollution of different chemicals, vehicle exhaust, factories outlet and natural challenges mainly sun UV, dust, wind and regular bath with hot water can leave our face dry and damage, hence our skin type is dry, normal or oily

  • Moisturizers maintain the skin problems and revive skin cells and can withstand the environmental damages and ultraviolet rays.
  • Moisturizing fight wrinkles, aging, acne, splotch and itching and stretch marks then it keeps the outer layer of your skin smooth and soft
  • lotions keep your skin hydrated regularly the mixture in lotions designed mainly to improve hydration of our skin 
  • Moisturizers keep the damage by repair the difficulty all over your skin
  • Moisturizers provides medical protection and treatments if designed as  pharmaceutical creams
  • Moisturizers provides good pleasant scents to your body and may more importance we get from moisturizers,

Sins thousands of years from the beginning of moisturizers different progresses shown on the texture, type, ingredients and combinations mainly they categorized pharmaceutical and industrial cosmetic. However according to the element they contain moisturizers classified in two three classifications.

 Oil-based or emollients: As we can see from the name they are oil based moisturizers, they designed to hydrate the dry skin, and smooth the rough skin they also known as balancing the skin micro biome emollients effectively works on oily skin.

Water-based or humectants: these types of moisturizers useful to hydrate the skin without oily substance they are also have antifungal elements and exfoliating skin; humectants contain amino acids, glycerol, and lactic acids

Occlusive moisturizers: they are very known as protective from external harm, irritants and allergens also it keeps the skin hydrated and moist and recommended for highly dry skin and to the skin type suffering from physical barriers.

Ingredients of moisturizers are different according to the main purpose of the moisturizers produced the formula may for dry skin, oily skin or normal skin and all type skin, however the main known ingredients are listed as follows:

water and oils are the key ingredients of most of lotions water makes the lotion fluid and easily absorb our skin the moist oils can do the same and they plays the main role in moisturizers through providing glow and moist skin 

Emulsifiers: this is the basic key ingredient of lotions helps to mix the oil and water easily, it provides to the lotion smooth and uniform texture too, and have high capacity of binding unlike elements together  emulsifiers are vary hence Cetearyl alcohol and polysorbate stearic acid, glyceryl stearate can be raised as examples of emulsifiers in skin moisturizers.

Coloring and scents: coloring is also other widely used ingredients in moisturizers in fact, coloring is not mandatory it’s only to make the moisturizer enjoyable, as scents colors are sourced mainly from natural plant ingredients, they have essential benefits beside the fragrance

Chemicals and Extracts: these ingredients used in moisturizers as antioxidants and antimicrobial activities, the chemicals are amino acids, lactic acids, glycerin and more the natural extracts mainly known botanicals, Vanilla extract, Almond, coconut, lemon extracts, these extracts contain naturally antioxidants cellulite boosters.

Preservatives: on the shelf age of moisturizers the oil and water can be harm if not preserved well both can be venerable for bacteria, fungal and yeast, therefore they should be contain anti microbial and antioxidants sodium methyl mercaptide is effective antibacterial preservative acts and prevents the growth of germs in moisturizers this ingredient is not only preservative, it’s also help to mix water and oil in the moisturizers in addition keeps the skin smooth even after washing

Vitamins: has deep effect in appearance of skin, vitamins has essential function in skin care moisturizers, many skin care products contain Vitamin C and Vitamin E in general these vitamins helps to protect the skin from early aging, lipids in the skin, prevent wrinkles and dryness, provide softness and growth of cells in addition if these vitamins in our skin moisturizer they provide us protection of UV and cold wind cracks, as we mentioned in the above moisturizers ingredients are many according to their purpose of production and skin type . People also ask about creams and lotions difference, well both can use as a moisturizer in fact the different between the two products are the water content. Lotions used high amount of water and considered lightweight skin can absorb it without difficulty in contrast creams are thicker consistence this character provide a protective layer to the skin.

Moisturizers can be effective to applying when you get out from bath, the vitamins they contain with, the extracts and other useful ingredients can provide repairing and healing to the broken skin, in fact it will be very important to identify your skin type then know which type of moisturizer fits your skin type.

Apart from that if you are interested to know about The Right Moisturizer For Your Skin Type then visit our Health category.

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