Solar Panel Cleaning Kits: Top features

Solar Panel Cleaning Kits: Top features

Last Updated on March 1, 2023 by azamqasim

Solar Panels have become a common installation for fulfilling personal and commercial electricity needs over the past years. The efficient production of electricity without straining the non-renewable resources has made it a go-to option for people all across the world. Nowadays, many individuals are installing solar panels from Hove on the rooftops of their homes where they receive enough sunlight. The advanced mechanism of the solar panels functions independently with minimum human intervention. It not only maximizes electricity generation but also reduces human efforts. Another advantage of solar panels is reducing the burden on other means of electricity generation that have harmful effects on the environment.

While the importance and benefits of solar panels are known to a large number of people, the appropriate cleaning requirement is still neglected. People easily get the solar installation done without enquiring further about its maintenance process. This is a key reason for the sudden breakdown or dysfunction of the panels. Routine maintenance is crucial for the efficient functioning of the panels. There are various solar panel cleaning kits for sale in the market that are designed to clean the solar panels.

If you own a solar panel system or thinking to get one, you must also consider the cleaning requirements to ensure maximum utility and longevity of the panels. You will find a variety of solar panel cleaning kits for sale but not all of them are a fair deal. Before buying any solar cleaning system, you must look for the following factors.

Automatic cleaning

Since the panels are mostly installed on rooftops and open spaces, it is quite difficult and risky to clean them manually. In the past, manual cleaning was the only option but now we have upgraded technology that allows semi-auto and automatic cleaning solutions in the market. These cleaning systems or robots are designed to perform the entire cleaning with minimum human intervention. You are only required to pre-schedule the cleaning process and the rest is done automatically. This is a convenient and safe option that will save you from possible accidents.

Dry cleaning

Not many solar panel cleaning kits for sale come with the dry cleaning feature. While wet cleaning also does the job, it is more preferable to have a dry cleaning for the solar panels. The dry cleaning process saves a lot of water wastage and keeps the PV cells’ quality intact. You do not require to have an additional water supply to initiate the cleaning drill. The cleaning system is sufficient tocarry out the process without additional water supply and drainage facilities.

Self-powered cleaning

These automatic cleaning systems and robots are made of PV cells that are sufficient to generate and store electricity for the cleaning. You do not require to have a wired power connection for the system to work. They are self-powered and recharge themselves as the power decreases below the minimum level. Once the installation is done, you have nothing to interfere physically with the panels or the cleaning robot.

Soft brushes and system wheels

Since the solar panels are installed in open spaces, they are constantly exposed to factors like rain, dust, bird droppings, etc. An unclean and dusty panel will function poorly since the sunlight cannot directly hit the PV cells. To avoid this, a thorough cleaning is required. The cleaning brushes should be soft to clean the panels properly without damaging the PV cells. Also, make sure that the cleaning robot has soft wheels as it’ll move around the panels and can damage the cells.

Different control options

Since the cleaning systems are semi-auto and automatic, it is obvious to have a controlling device with which you can schedule and control the robot. Make sure that these have multiple scheduling options that can ease your burden. You can pre-schedule or cancel the cleaning session as per the requirement. 

Solar panel cleaning and maintenance are essential that affect the functioning and longevity of the panels. If you wish to obtain maximum utility for a longer period of time, getting a solar panel cleaning system is the smart choice. However, before buying make sure that the system has all the above features.