Some Future Trends In The Solar Power Industry


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Solar power is the transformation of renewable energy from the sun into electricity. Solar power is considered a viable source of energy. Fortunately, solar technology shows great innovations and efficiency gains, making it even more attractive. 

The batteries have become cheaper, the PV cells last longer, and electric vehicles powered by solar energy are also introduced. Solar companies Adelaide have both commercial and residential solar power systems available. Australia is known as the sunburnt country; solar power can help drastically to reduce the running cost of the resident or the property. 

The Future Of Solar Power!

Deionno Electrical Adelaide recommends the absolute best solar solution as per the needs. They specialise in designing and installing tailored solar solutions for all clients. Solar Companies Adelaide can install solar panels to almost any standing backyard or rooftop. 

Moving forward, solar power will increase drastically in residential and commercial sectors and households. Some current trends in solar energy are creating a lot of buzz, such as solar roofs and roads, solar cars and electric vehicles, and microinverters. 

Here are some of the points depicting the future trends of the solar power industry

Benefits for Solar Adopters

The authorities are working to create better opportunities for social adopters, including extending the solar investment tax credit. It is seen that many solar considerers are also turning into solar adopters to save the running cost of the property. 

Digitalisation and AI

Digitalization is expected to transform every ingredient of solar energy. Many modernized companies are trying to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve solar projects’ performance and viability. The use of robots, drones, and software solutions is coming into trend.

Utilising ponds as a solar energy source

Floating Solar Photovoltaic (FSPVs) plants are growing as the new means to employ solar energy. Considering that land may be expensive, floating solar PV modules provide more output. As floating solar systems are constructed on water bodies, the added benefit acts as power without losing valuable real estate. 

Solar Power becomes more affordable.

A drastic decrease in the price of solar panels, hardware, parts, and components have been seen in the last decade. It has become more affordable mainly because of the policies supporting its implementation. A sweeping change is expected in the manufacturing of the solar panel sector to cater to international and domestic demands.

More Microinverters

The microinverters market is expected to grow by approximately 20% from 2022 to 2026, showing how important solar power technology has become in just a few decades. Microinverters are replacing string inverters as they are easy to install, have anti-islanding capabilities, design flexibility, and maximum power point tracking. 


Despite global pandemic and global supply chain disruption, the solar company Adelaide industry has seen exciting developments in every aspect of the industry. There are a lot of emerging digital tools that are pushing solar power into the mainstream, such as artificial intelligence, drone imaging, and many others.  The increasing price of petroleum is already a threatening concern worldwide; solar energy and other renewable sources can be the alternative.