Top 10 Decorative Blank Wall Ideas You Should Try

Decorative Blank Wall Ideas
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Whether you live in a tiny apartment or a sprawling mansion, prefer a minimalist style or love the bohemian look, deciding what to do with a blank wall is always a difficult decision. That’s why everyone should aware of decorative blank wall ideas.

Sure, you’ll find no end of blank wall inspiration online. But should you go bold with oversized artwork for a fast fix? Or is it better to break up the space with a selection of blank wall decor items? 

While only you know what works best with your tastes and preferences, here are some inspiring blank wall ideas to get you started!

1. Play with Color

As you’ll find if you click here, one of the most popular ideas for bringing life to your blank walls is to add some color. This could be in the form of patterned wallpaper, an accent wall, or a painted feature such as a simple arch in a contrasting shade. 

2. Add Art

Whether you go for a minimalist look with an oversized canvas or create an intricate gallery display, art is an ideal way to brighten a blank living room wall. 

3. Make Space for Hobbies 

Whatever you’re into, your walls are the perfect place to show it off. From guitars to skateboards, movie posters to baseball memorabilia, ensure that your blank wall decor speaks to you and your passions. 

4. Hang a Mirror

Mirrors, especially if hung opposite a window, create the illusion of a lighter, larger space. If you have a bare wall in your entrance, a mirror will always come in handy, while it’s also one of the top blank wall ideas for a bedroom.  

5. Create a Plant Wall

No room is complete without a little greenery, so what better way to add life, color, and vibrancy to your blank wall than with a selection of plants? You could hang them, place them on a shelf, or even use an indoor trellis for a simple yet unusual feature wall. 

6. Light it Up 

From simple sconces to stylish lanterns, ornate chandeliers to modern LED designs, brightening up your blank wall with a light fixture is a surefire way to add interest. 

7. Install Floating Shelves

The beauty of shelves is that they break up a large expanse of wall while also serving as decor in themselves. Although, if you’re into creating a more minimalist look, combining almost bare shelves with a blank wall background is a real statement-maker. 

8. Try Some Texture

Into the idea of creating softer, cozier spaces? If so, try hanging a tapestry, blanket, or patchwork quilt on the wall. This is a fast and effective way of adding texture and color to a blank living room wall. 

9. Display Your Treasures

Cabinets and bookcases are perfect for adding life to a blank wall, especially when you fill them with treasures and trinkets. From travel souvenirs to your beloved teapot collection, this kind of blank wall decor is great for adding a personal and unique touch. 

10. Decorate with Baskets 

Shallow baskets and woven trays make great blank wall decor items. Not only do baskets add interest and complement a warm color palette, but they also bring texture and an organic feel to a room. 

Decorative Blank Wall Ideas to Try

As these blank wall ideas show, there are many different ways to add life to your space. 

From colorful accents to displays of greenery, simple mirrors to exciting art pieces, consider your walls a blank canvas for you to have fun with and you can’t go wrong!

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