Soundproof Curtains: Are They The Best Idea For Soundproofing Your Rooms?

Soundproof Curtains: Are They The Best Idea For Soundproofing Your Rooms?

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Soundproof, in simple terms, means no sound can come in or go out. So, soundproof curtains are useful in places where you want no sound to escape or get in. It is often used in music rooms, restaurants and bars, bedrooms, buildings close to a busy street, or for other commercial purposes. Nowadays people even prefer such curtains in their homes. With increasing WFH culture, it is, in fact, becoming one’s need. Soundproof curtains are also popular by names like sound-absorbing, acoustic curtains, sound dampening, and sound-deadening. 

Do they work?

Definitely Yes! 

Soundproof curtains do work. It is not as effective as soundproof windows. But they reduce noise like busy roads and other common noises. It absorbs sound and reduces echoes. It is an inexpensive option. The installation is easy as well.

What to keep in mind?


It is important to measure the area of the room where you want to install curtains. Use a measuring tape to measure the length, width, and height of the window or door where you want to hang the curtains. Pro tip: Always buy curtains a few inches longer than the measurement. It will look much nicer. Bigger curtains can dampen sound much better. 


The soundproofing curtains come in various material options. Heavy Cotton, Polyester, velvet, Rockwool, suede, and fiberglass are the material in which curtains are available. Some manufacturers even allow customization.


The thickness of the curtain is also very important. The thickness can absorb the sound better. The thickness should be around 2-3 inches to dampen the sound. You can also double or triple layer for extra soundproofing.


Noise Reduction

Minimal noises are what you expect when buying soundproof curtains. It helps reduce noises and least echoing.

Easy Installation

You can install soundproof curtains without experts. It requires thick rods and heavy brackets for the installation.


These curtains keep out light and sound. They are thicker than regular curtains. If you want a dark room and increased privacy, this is the best pick for you.

Thermal Insulation

Curtains add extra that helps the room stay warm in winters and cool in summers.


It is the most inexpensive alternative solution available in the market. Soundproof windows are costly to install.



Standard soundproofing curtains do not come in many designs. Some manufacturers do offer customization, but that will increase the price as well. It is difficult to put similar curtains with different décor.

Natural Light 

If you want a room with natural light and fresh air, these thick soundproofing curtains are not the right option for you.

Other Solution

There are many other solutions to soundproofing. Soundproof windows or inserts provide better noise cancellation than curtains. It is a challenge to transport them due to their heavyweight. Washing and maintaining them is another challenge.

Some Common Questions

Do soundproof curtains absorb sound?

The curtains absorb sound and vibrations and improve the quality of the sound. They are spongelike and thick to provide insulation.

Do curtains block all the noise?

Soundproofing curtains block some of the noise and lessen vibrations. Due to this rooms with these curtains are much quieter. The curtains are thicker than regular ones.

Which material blocks sound?

Heavy cotton, velvet, velour, polyester, Rockwool, and fiberglass are some of the materials that block sound. Always understand your need and then choose one that fits your need.

Are sound-blocking curtains successful?

These curtains can reduce noise and keep the room insulated. Its thickness and weight work well to make a room quieter.


Soundproof curtains are not better than soundproof windows or other high-end alternatives. But it is a low-cost method of home improvement. It absorbs light and noise and makes the room quieter. It is an excellent way to make sure that sound doesn’t travel and privacy is maintained.   It is a great investment option to improve your room’s décor. It gives a peaceful vibe to your room. Here’s a little advice:  after installing new curtains in your room, test them to make sure that they are working. You can even bring a torch to the shop before making any purchase.