How to shop for bulk from Yiwu wholesale market via Offline and online Platform

How to shop for bulk from Yiwu wholesale market via Offline and online Platform

Last Updated on March 29, 2024 by Nadeem Ahmed

You can purchase without problems in bulk from China and may earn massive earnings via means of reselling the products.

1. Canton Fair

The Canton Fair is held in Guangzhou, China, two times a year. It is certainly considered one among the biggest aid plans within the world. Trade suggests providing a platform for all buyers from round the sector to connect. Both suppliers and customers can use this platform to promote or purchase the product. Trade suggests offer a brilliant platform to providers wherein they are able to exhibit their merchandise and may entice customers. At the same time, customers can get the possibility to touch the suppliers. They can ask approximately their product and may ask any questions associated with their product. 

The canton change honestly includes 3 phases. The first segment of this change covers electronics. The 2nd segment consists of client items, gifts, domestic decor gadgets, and the 0.33 segment gives textiles, clothing, shoes and workplace supplies. If you’re going to shop in bulk from China, go change suggestions, get a threat to fulfill providers, and purchase Chinese items.

2. Yiwu Market

The Yiwu market is the biggest wholesale marketplace in China. The only difference between the Canton fair and Yiwu market is: Yiwu market is a year round trade show version of Canton fair. You can get numerous one-of-a-kind merchandise at reasonably-priced charges. 

The best suggestion is to have a sourcing agent China when you come to Yiwu market. Yes, you could see over 75000 different suppliers in the Yiwu market from districts 1-5, but what’s next? You can stay in Yiwu for a long term till all your orders are completed before shipping? Obviously, this is not the right way to do, a lot of foreign buyers will hire a professional Chinese sourcing agent in Yiwu, by the way, there are many sourcing agents in Yiwu city, having a professional and trusted Yiwu buying agent will make you import from Yiwu market a whole lot easier and simpler.

Yiwu is a city in Zhejiang province, also known as China’s Dubai, given the Free Trade Zone advantage, a lot of foreign buyers also set up buying offices in Yiwu for their business. On the other side, most importers still come and go, they fly to Yiwu to confirm all products with a local Yiwu buying agent, and leave the rest jobs to their sourcing agent and fly back home, rest is just handled by their sourcing agents and wait for goods to deliver.

3. Global Resources Trade Fair

Just like the Canton Fair, the Global Resources Trade Fair is another brilliant manner to get right of entry to Chinese merchandise immediately from the manufacturing facility. This fair honestly takes place two times a year. The Global Resources Trade Fair came about quickly earlier than the Canton Fair in Hong Kong. So you could get right of entry to each plan via your business trip. The vital distinction among the 2 changes suggests that the Global Resources Trade Show makes a speciality of dealer education. During this change show, a convention is held, wherein they are trying to train you a way to run a successful enterprise.

Top 3 Chinese Supplier Websites

Many people need to import Chinese items, however coming to China in person to discover a valid dealer may be inconvenient or not possible for some buyers. Easy answers to get dependable Chinese wholesalers are seeking them out via Chinese wholesale websites. Here are a few main Chinese wholesale websites.

1. Alibaba

When you reflect on the consideration of shopping in bulk from China, the best call that involves everyone’s thoughts is Alibaba. Alibaba gives an extensive style of merchandise and providers. But it could be a hard venture for folks that do now no longer recognize to differentiate among faux and valid providers when seeking out a dependable dealer, you want to be cognizant of the product. With the time you’ll benefit from experience, you could discover how the quality company is to your enterprise. Generally, on Alibaba, client items could have a minimum order amount, besides for massive machines and different electric merchandise. The minimal order amount in this platform is from $ 500 to $ 5000.

2. Global Sources

It is hard for a small organization to go into the marketplace, because it calls for a number of price ranges. Companies promote merchandise in bulk, as one product won’t provide a good deal product margin. Delivery time right here is nearly 25 days, and it could range in keeping with your geographical locality. The organization took a number of times due to the fact the products were not in inventory and that they needed to cast them off.

3.   Made in China

Just like another organization, you could get merchandise from each organization and the manufacturing facility. The organization is thought to offer excessive nice items at the bottom charges. To hook up with providers, you could use chat now and ship inquiries. The organization gives you a lot of approaches to make payments. But to make the cash switch extra dependable, you could negotiate with the company.


No matter finding your sourcing agent China directly by your way or finding products on B2B websites, there are always pros and cons, you need to find the right one for yourself. Although it’s an internet world now, sometimes you still need physical visits for your business, because you never know what will happen without checking by yourself. Nowadays, most customers will use both B2B websites and physical visits to China to ensure they get the best import resources from China for maximum profit in their business.

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