Studying law

Studying law

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You may need a law tutor, but finding the best one is a challenging task. What is the best place to find a law tutor? What is the best way to choose a law tutor? Viv has specialized in teaching law and can provide law tuition and tutoring, whatever your needs. 

Viv is a Barrister at Law (Lincoln’s Inn). Viv was called to the Bar in 2007. In addition to his work in higher education, Viv has over 15 years of professional experience. Additionally, Viv practices Employment Law, providing advocacy and representation at Employment Tribunals throughout London and the United Kingdom. Viv is an LLB graduate and an LLM holder with Distinction. The highest grade Viv achieved in his LLM year surpassed the 75 percent average in his cohort. 

Viv provides law students with law tutoring services. Viv is an independent law tutor based in Regent Street in London. In addition, Viv has been a lecturer at Westminster University, where Viv taught five different subjects in law. 

Viv is now a law tutor for students privately. His students always leave his sessions enriched and more aware of their ideas with clarity, and he has never had a dissatisfied student. A law teacher for over 15 years, Viv teaches law around the world.

Viv has worked for various solicitor firms in London over the years. In addition, Viv has worked for Law Clinic’s where he used his advocacy and legal training skills to represent individuals/ businesses for free in Court and Tribunals. It happens to Viv from time to time when other lawyers contact him for assistance in a matter relating to his field of expertise. In comparison with other law tutors, Viv has both practice and teaching experience. Thus, Viv helps students prepare for becoming lawyers by developing their ability to think like lawyers. 

Viv has taught law since 2008 and has years of experience as a law tutor. Viv has witnessed the evolution of all university courses and syllabuses over the years. Through his experience, Viv has been able to see first-hand how the internal marking system works, and he has also been able to observe what does not work. The introduction of new courses like the PGDL and SQE has resulted in a period where legal education is changing. A new form of learning for multiple-choice questions has been devised by Viv that complements his study style.

As a law tutor, Viv takes his responsibilities very seriously. In his role as a mentor, Viv does not just tell his students the answer, but he helps them discover it for themselves. In addition to providing assignments to do at home, to test the knowledge a student could retain from a session, Viv also provides guidance and support that will help a student grow as a professional. The most important function of Viv as a law tutor is to teach law students how to become lawyers. Viv’s philosophy is to make a positive impact on how his students experience the study of law and to ensure they reach their goals academically and personally.

Viv has worked for many of the tutoring agencies in London since 2010. For the past 15 years, Viv has been tutoring both students at universities and individuals in law. Since his career began, he has been able to work with thousands of law students worldwide, all of whom are looking for additional support from a tutor to succeed. With Viv’s extensive teaching experience, he is an all-around law tutor who can identify a student’s areas of weakness and help shape their future careers as solicitors or barristers.

In this job of law tutoring, Viv works alone with his students due to the nature of the profession. As an independent teacher, Viv’s is responsible for all of the classes he teaches and for all of the students he teaches. Viv is the only one who holds the responsibility and all of his students do well, so well that they return as they continue their studies. Viv teaches law students how to get a first class degree. Viv can be responsive in this way, and if you email Viv, you will avoid dealing with a team of administrative staff, and you will speak with him from the start. As a result, he is able to build trusting relationships.

Viv is a highly reliable individual. Viv performs well, and he can be trusted. When Viv commits to a work or tutoring assignment, He also assists graduates of LPCs and SQEs looking for a training contract with applications, assessment centre tasks, interview skills, and enhancement of their profiles. He assures students that he will meet their expectations and provide them with a worry-free experience. Viv rarely takes a day off; he always has his laptop on him, even on family holidays, so that he can be available whenever a student needs him.

The service he provides is of the highest quality, so students can count on him when they need it. Viv has taught students from every field of law, both domestically and internationally, for example, foreign students studying for an English law degree. Viv has taught international students studying for a Master’s degree in Law in the UK. As a member of the BARBRI, Viv also has the privilege of teaching the New York Bar Course. Viv was a law tutor at the University of Westminster, where he was a module leader for Tax Law and the lead lecturer for four other legal subjects. As a tutor, Viv has the ability to teach students across a range of law subjects. Viv provides support and tuition in the following courses:

LLB Tuition

GDL Tuition
PGDL Tuition
CILEX Tuition
MA Tuition
LLM Tuition
LPC Tuition
SEQ 1 Tuition
SQE 2 Tuition
Bar Course Tuition
Law Job Applications
Career Advice

Help getting a pupillage

Help getting a training contract

Viv believes that the most important element of a quality service, as defined by the customers, is a quick response time. Since Viv works alone, he can guarantee to respond to any new inquiry within two hours during office hours. The response time for new students is typically less than 24 hours; however, Viv endeavours to respond as soon as possible. If you drop Viv a message, Viv will get back to you within 2 hours of sending the message. 

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