The three big changes that Instagram has implemented in security

The three big changes that Instagram has implemented in security

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It seems that Instagram read our article How to protect your Instagram account, where we exposed some of the techniques preferred by criminals to steal accounts (famous or not) on this platform. In this article, we address the issue of profile security and how digital criminals steal accounts with few followers to usurp their identity or sell them in “packs” to bulk up other accounts. We also explain that they steal accounts with many followers and communities already formed to sell them to people who want to save themselves the work for gaining followers visit our site Folwos . As if those followers were stupid and did not notice that the account changed user.

We warn that these thieves usually locate personal accounts and try to access them with obvious passwords such as date of birth, name, or telephone number or using the most common password such as “123456, qwerty or password”. But perhaps, the most used way to steal Instagram accounts is by sending an email to the user where they are assured that the platform has decided to verify their account (blue check that appears next to the username and certifies that the account is of who they say they are) and that to achieve this, you must click on a link they provide. That link takes them to a form that asks for their password. The person innocently or through the fault of the ego voluntarily surrenders his password and in a moment loses access to his account forever. Creepy isn’t it?

Until the last week of August 2018, it was a mystery how Instagram determined who was deserving of the certification and how it did the verification process and that is why there were so many scams about it.

This has come to an end as Instagram has announced important changes to the platform with the firm purpose of making it increasingly secure and warding off criminals from your brand account or your personal account. For example, did you know that in a very short time you will be able to request Instagram to verify your account? In this article, we will tell you what these three changes are and how they will secure your account. 

Why did Instagram decide to make these changes?

Mike Krieger, co-founder, and CTO of Instagram issued a statement through the platform’s news site, where he announced some important changes in terms of security for users on the platform. Krieger specified that there are three modifications in terms of safety.

“We are announcing a new feature that will help you assess the authenticity of accounts with many followers on Instagram; we are also launching a global verification for the notable public.

The co-founder says his mission is to bring his audience closer to the public and the things they like but says he can only achieve this if Buy Instagram Followers Australia is a safe place.

User safety has long been the Achilles heel of social media. From identity theft to celebrity account theft, the networks are a very attractive place for data criminals and promoters of fake news. These situations have called into question the veracity of the information distributed on the networks and the users’ own security. So it is common and frequent that the developers of these platforms are in constant search of solutions that solve this security problem.

The document issued by Instagram assures that “keeping people with bad intentions away from the platform is very important to me.

In recent weeks a trend has developed in which certain people pose as well-known brands, such as Adidas, Zara, or Nike, and through Instagram, they “look for influencers” in exchange for free clothes. This is nothing more than a scam to transfer personal data and steal any number of accounts. It seems too obvious, but many people have fallen for this fraud, thinking that they are really going to become influencers. And yes, we are facing an ego problem, which is very difficult to attack. But what we can do is attack those fake accounts and clean up Instagram.

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What are the security changes made by Instagram?

Change 1: About this account, This first change aims to see in-depth the information of Instagram accounts with large audiences and thus be able to verify its veracity. That is, before deciding to follow a new account with many followers, you will be able to access valuable information that will give you information such as who he is when he joined the platform or his previous username.

What should you do to find out more about an account?

Go to the account you want to verify, enter its profile, tap on the menu with the three dots (…) and select “about this account”. Here you can find out information such as the date the account joined Instagram, in which country it is located, accounts with shared followers, user name changes in the last year, and if it has an advertising campaign in progress.

What is Instagram looking for with this functionality?

The intention of Instagram is that you have many followers, and especially those related to current events, politics, or social causes, can be more transparent before their followers.

Is this functionality available on all accounts?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the “about this account” functionality will only be available for accounts with very large communities. Some of these accounts will release this button in September 2018 and after this month, it will be available to the entire global community that meets the above criteria.

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