The advantages of a Aerovest private jet charter flight

Aerovest private jet charter

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While much of the aviation market struggled at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the disruption of commercial services and the growing demand for venues with the strictest hygienic criteria allowed the sector to private jets to stay strong. “Over the past 24 months, we have received many inquiries from people who have never taken a private flight before, and many of them have become regular customers after discovering the advantages of Aerovest private jet charter service. You might think of chartering a private jet to escape the crowds or avoid the uncertainty of commercial flights, but there are so many other benefits to choosing a private flight.

 A private terminal at the airport, without crowds

Even though first-class customers have access to exclusive airport lounges and faster check-in, screening and customs services, they still have to deal with crowded airport terminals, long lines of waiting to go through security checks and finally endless journeys to reach their boarding gate. And although they are asked to board first, they must wait for other passengers to board before taking off and can only collect their bags from the carousel when everyone has gotten off the plane.

In contrast, Aerovest private jet passengers avoid airport crowds by taking off from a private terminal. This means you can arrive just 10 minutes before your flight time and go straight through security checks to board and take off. A concierge is often on hand to take care of check-in and baggage, with express security and customs service. Your car can even drop you directly at the foot of the plane!

A premium onboard experience

There’s no doubt that Aerovest First Class cabins are luxurious, and many have beds, showers, bars and private chefs.   Many want complete privacy by having the aircraft to themselves, as well as the freedom to order specific entertainment and personalized menus to enjoy on board.

Additionally, most Aerovest private jets can accommodate pets in the cabin and offer more baggage capacity for bulky items like skis and golf clubs. Interiors often differ from first-class cabins with flexible configurations and bespoke designs, and business customers can choose a jet equipped with tables, audio-visual equipment and conference facilities to hold confidential meetings.

Unparalleled comfort and flexibility

While commercial flights are subject to strict flight plans, Aerovest private jets can adapt to last minute changes to the itinerary or passenger list and your plane will be waiting for you if you are late. Many private aircraft can also land at thousands of smaller airports that commercial flights cannot access, allowing you to get closer to your destination without layovers or tedious connections.

If you have to visit several places in a very short period of time, for example as part of a roadshow, we can adapt your flight plan rather than dealing with fixed and less frequent commercial services. You’ll also save time on the ground, as you won’t have to arrive several hours before your flight. This makes private jet charter ideal for time-constrained businesses.

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