How To Choose The Appropriate Marquee For Your Event?

How To Choose The Appropriate Marquee For Your Event?

Last Updated on March 6, 2022 by azamqasim

If you are planning an event and you want to surprise your guests, consider the following criteria to choose the best alternative.

Number Of Guests And Available Space

Perhaps one of the first criteria to consider is the size of the guest list. Whether you are going to hold a family event in the backyard of your house or if it is a public event in an open space, the disposition and comfort of all the guests must be taken into account. One of the most frequent mistakes is to take the measurements without considering the placement of the furniture, which is not a minor detail, since the tables and chairs occupy a considerable space, even more so if we want to have a dance floor.

 It is not the same to request a budget for 100 people standing than for the same number of people seated; for this reason, when requesting a budget, it is advisable to provide the measurements of the physical space that you want to cover instead of the number of people if you do not have this information.

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Climatic Factors

Another aspect to consider is the season in which we are and the climatic factors that could put the realization of our event at risk. In winter, rain and wind will be our main concern, while in summer it will be the heat and the sun’s rays. If it is to protect against rain and wind, installing a closed waterproof tent is recommended. At the same time, if we are in summer, an awning could be more appropriate, always keeping in mind the time of our event, since despite finding us in summer, the early mornings are usually very cold.

Temperature Inside The Tent

Undoubtedly, we want our environment to turn on, the music to play, people have fun and start dancing, however, as our event progresses, the temperature inside the tent such as outdoor party tents also begins to rise, in summer, this can be a problem, so it would be a good idea to contemplate the installation of air conditioning, in this way we ensure a pleasant environment for our guests. On the other hand, the cold could keep our guests glued to their chairs in winter, so the previous recommendation is valid for both winter and summer.

Perfect Environment Design

We cannot ignore this point since it is the one that can generate the greatest impact on your guests; without a doubt, a good atmosphere contributes to generating a playful setting in which you and your guests share memorable moments. To cause this effect, there are different resources that you can request; the curtains, the tablecloths, an appropriate border are just some examples that could help you to achieve this end.

Differences Between Awning And Tent

The main difference between an awning and a tent is given by its structure. An awning is made based on a roof, generally made of canvas, plastic, or similar material. Depending on the type of awning, it can be attached to a wall (as a flange) or mounted on a structure of tubular metal or plastic columns. On the other hand, a tent, in addition to the roof, is made up of a closed or semi-closed structure, whose walls are made up of fabrics such as curtains or screens and can have windows, flexible doors, and room dividers. When we talk about a semi-closed tent, we mean it can have one, two, or more walls. In other words, the awning consists only of a roof, while a tent is an awning with walls.

To these characteristics, and although both can be manufactured with materials that have a certain degree of impermeability, a tent can provide greater protection than an awning against rain, wind, and winter cold, while an awning can provide shade. And freshness in the summer.

Another aspect to consider, if you buy or rent a closed tent like outdoor party tents, is the temperature inside, since it may be necessary to install air conditioning for both winter and summer.