The Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth

Foods for Your Teeth

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When it comes to diets, people tend to focus only on foods that will provide them with the necessary nutrients but they usually disregard the effect certain foods can have on the rest of their body. As you need to take proper care of every single part of your body in order to be truly healthy, you also need to know which can harm Foods for Your Teeth and which can make them stronger. It is important that you visit the dentist regularly to get them checked out. If you need dental care, you can get gum surgery and dental implants in Chatham. Implementing various dental tips and tricks when it comes to cleaning them is important but it’s not enough to have a healthy set of pearly whites. Here are some foods you should avoid and some you should add to your diet.

BAD: Citrus fruits

We often reach for lemons, oranges, and grapefruits as they are a great source of vitamin C. However, citruses contain acid that can erode the teeth’s enamel and make them more vulnerable to decay. Moreover, even if you squeeze a bit of lime into your water, you will also be adding acid to your drink. To get the vitamins and antioxidants from these fruits without hurting your teeth, you want to eat and drink them in moderation and rinse your mouth with water once you’re done.

GOOD: Strawberries

On the other hand, some fruits are good for your teeth. For example, strawberries contain malic acid. While some acids erode the enamel, this one acts as a natural teeth whitener. In addition to eating strawberries, you can also crush a few to a pulp, mix with some baking soda, and brush your teeth with the blend you’ve made. Rinse afterward. This mixture can remove wine, coffee, and soda stains from your teeth.

BAD: Pickles

If you love snacking on pickles, you need to keep in mind that the acid that gives them their sour, salty taste is potentially harmful to tooth enamel. Don’t worry if you consume them moderately as eating them every now and again will not affect your dental health.

GOOD: Kale and spinach

There are many benefits to eating leafy greens like kale and spinach and improving gum and teeth health is one of them. While spinach contains calcium that can strengthen bone and enamel, kale provides your mouth with a vitamin bath that gets rid of all bacteria and acids that other, more damaging foods leave behind.

BAD: Sugary and sour sweets

Sugary sweets that stay in your mouth too long are very bad for your teeth, especially caramel as it is made entirely of sugar. If you don’t brush your teeth straight away and thoroughly, it will damage the enamel. Moreover, sour candy contains harmful acids that also damage teeth and their sticky consistency keeps them in your mouth longer. Instead, it’s recommended that you opt for sweets that dissolve quickly. Additionally, if you like hard candies, you risk chipping a tooth – which is not something you can fix by brushing or flossing. It’s important to find a reliable dental laboratory you can turn to in case you encounter an issue of this kind.

GOOD: Chocolate

A great alternative for sweets that are too sugary and sour is chocolate. As long as the dark chocolate you get is at least 70% cacao and you eat it in moderation, it can help harden the enamel and make your teeth less prone to decay. Still, you should remember to brush your teeth afterward.

BAD: Bread and pasta

While you might have already lowered your intake of bread and pasta for different reasons, you should also know that they can be bad for your teeth. For example, as you chew bread, its enzymes break down and it turns into sugar. Plus, it can easily get stuck in between your teeth and then cause cavities. Opt for whole wheat as these less-refined varieties contain less sugar. Pasta can have the same effect, so remember to brush your teeth after eating it.

GOOD: Dairy products

In addition to a good dental routine, saliva is a great way to prevent cavities and gum disease. To produce saliva, you can eat dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, and milk. Besides helping rebuild enamel, these foods also provide your teeth with calcium and phosphates.

BAD: Sugary drinks

By now, you should know that soft drinks are full of sugar that can harm your teeth. However, carbonated soft drinks also contain acids that can harm your teeth more than the sugar. The citric and phosphoric acid can be found even in the sugar-free varieties of drinks. Plus, sports drinks, alcohol, coffee, and even tea can be detrimental to the health and appearance of your teeth.

GOOD: Water

The best drink you can opt for is water. It can wash sugar and acids off your teeth, just like saliva. Moreover, it typically contains fluoride, a mineral that is also found in toothpaste and mouthwashes, which protects against tooth erosion.

Although you will not be able to always avoid all of these bad foods, keep them to a minimum and remember to brush your teeth after eating them. In case, you need dentist help, you can consult with the most qualified dentists in Greensboro.

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