10 of the Best Sunglasses for Running

10 of the Best Sunglasses for Running

Last Updated on March 17, 2024 by Umer Malik

When people want to get healthy, one of the first activities they consider is running. But running is hard. So why do 47 million Americans go for a run at least once a week?

Because it’s worth it. Running can help you not only get exercise, but mental clarity, time to yourself, and an opportunity to push yourself to your limits.

But running is only fun when you have the right gear. The right pair of sunglasses for running is more important than you might think. If you’re looking to become a serious runner, you’ll want a dedicated pair of running sunglasses at some point.

Wondering what the best options are? Read on below for 10 recommendations. 

1. Your Current Pair

If you’re a new runner who wants to commit to getting healthy this year, it’s tempting to think you need to spend a bunch of money before you can get started.

Many aspiring runners spend hundreds of dollars on the highest-quality gear, including performance running sunglasses. Then after a week or two, they’re burned out and go the rest of the year without running.

Don’t be that person. First, fall in love with running. Make it a habit, an important part of your life. Once you know you love running and are going to keep it up, you can justify the money spent on running gear. Until then, however, just wear whatever pair of sunglasses you can find in your house. 

2. Looptics Sports Sunglasses

One of the most important factors that make for a good pair of sunglasses for athletes, runners included, is polarization. Polarized lenses are made using a special chemical that helps to filter light more effectively.

They work well to reduce glare, prevent eyestrain, and avoid temporary blindness in the event of an intense reflection. They are especially important for running near water, as the glare from the surface of the water can be very bright and distracting. 

While polarized lenses darken what you see just a little bit, they offer greater image clarity overall, by preventing too much light from entering your eyes.

The polarized sports sunglasses from Looptics are a great option for runners. With simple, modern sunglasses that will stay on your head, you’ll have no problem covering miles with these on in any conditions. 

3. Adidas Sports Sunglasses SP0018

Looking for a style piece that doubles as effective running sunglasses? The Sunglasses SP0018 from Adidas is a classic. These glasses come with a futuristic lens that covers as much of the face as possible. But they are so lightweight, you’ll hardly notice them on your face. 

The frame of the sunglasses features an aeration system to ensure your glasses don’t fog up on those early morning runs. And the adjustable nose-piece makes for a custom, comfortable fit. 

4. Ombraz

Looking for something else unique, super functional, and infinitely stylish? Check out the sunglasses from Ombraz.

They are frameless sunglasses, without rigid sidearms. Instead, there is a comfortable, adjustable cord that extends from the lenses and wraps around the back of your head. 

You can adjust this strap to be tight, ensuring the glasses won’t fall off. or you can loosen the strap so that you can remove the glasses and let them hang around your neck.

The strap design makes it near impossible to lose these sunglasses, which is the bane of every athlete’s existence. There’s a good chance that once you try a pair of these out for yourself, you’ll be unable to go back to standard sunglasses.

5. Oakley Jawbreaker

Another infamous brand in the sunglass space is Oakley. While often used for other sports, you can definitely benefit from these wrap-around sunglasses while running on pavement or on trails. 

These sunglasses are customizable and enable you to find the perfect pair to match your running personality. The lens pattern featuring the blue, green, and purple coloration is one of the hottest styles right now.

If you have bright, colorful lenses, you run faster, right?

They’ll last a long time. And if something were to ever happen to those lenses, you can easily swap them out. 

6. Smith Ruckus

Want to go full RoboCop when you head out for a run?? Try the Smith Ruckus sunglasses. The minimal frames provide maximum lens real estate, letting them put a full-color display on your face.

They offer another wrap-around design, to keep all of that air out of your eyes. And the super bright lens colors may even increase visibility, keeping you safer. 

These sunglasses are designed for super-fast, on-the-spot lens swapping. So you can wear a specific lens for running in the morning, and a different lens for running in the evening, or when performing different sports. One pair of sunglasses, many different uses. 

7. Roka Cambridge

Looking for a simple, classy pair of sunglasses with all the performance benefits you need as a runner? The Roka Cambridge sunglasses are polarized, lightweight, fingerprint resistant, and easy to keep on your head, even when trail running. 

8. Knockaround Deja Views

Looking for some affordable, yet functional running eyewear? Pick up a pair of the Knockaround Deja Views for $30 or less. Not all of their cheaper pairs are polarized, so make sure to spend a little extra if that extra feature is necessary, which for most runners, it is. 

9. Tifosi Swank

These are a great pair of running shades for the ladies. While not the cheapest option, they are much cheaper than most pairs of performance eyewear. 

Plenty of colors and design options make these fun to wear, and easy to use for multiple occasions, not just running. 

10. 100 Percent Vision Legere Round

Looking for something unique, classy, yet not over the top, and still performance-enhancing on the pavement? The Legere Round by 100 Percent Vision looks super cool with a modern design. 

Plus, they’re one of the lightest pairs on this list, helping you to shave those grams so you can cover more miles. With a pair of these, you’ll not only run fast but look better than anyone else out there. 

Don’t Overlook Sunglasses for Running

Most people spend too much time thinking about their running shoes that they often forgot to consider their sunglasses. But your run won’t be very fun if it’s hard to see because of the sun, or rain getting into your eyes. 

Picking up the right pair of sunglasses for running doesn’t have to be a major investment, but it’s an investment that’s worth it regardless.

Looking for more tips and getting out and getting healthy? Be sure to visit our blog now to keep reading. 

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