What are the pros and cons of double glazed windows?

What are the pros and cons of double glazed windows?

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very homeowner is desirous of upgrading his or her house. This can either be done by entirely renovating the house or doing small improvement projects. From changing the tiles to repainting the walls, there are hundreds of things that can be done. 

One of the major upgrades that any homeowner can bring is to install double glazed windows. Gone are the days when single glazed windows were the norm. These windows have two panes of glass with different gases between them. 

Following are the pros and cons of upgrading to double glazed windows. 


  1. Double glazed windows can be very good for the wallet. Although, these are expensive as a beginning investment, it can help you save a great deal of money on the energy costs. The better insulating ability reduces the amount of heat which enters the house. There are stronger seals which mean that the air does not leave the room as well. 
  2. A double glazed window is the solution to look forward to if you want to reduce noise pollution. Other options are bad when it comes to sound protection or noise cancellation. This is particularly important for those neighborhoods where there are high levels of noises. 
  3. Fortunately, double glazed windows are also effective when it comes to enhanced security. Single glazed windows are normally susceptible to break-ins. This is not the case with double glazed options. The construction is done in such a manner that it makes these options much durable and sturdy to withhold and resist higher levels of forces. 
  4. Aesthetic appeal is another major reason why you would want to install these options. There are different types and designs available which can be chosen to enhance the overall curb appeal of your house. 


  1. As mentioned above, the initial purchase and installation cost of double glazed windows can be high. Given that it provides a number of benefits, it makes sense for it to be expensive. However, the long term benefits clearly outweigh this drawback. 
  2. Just like other products, double glazed windows are also vulnerable to other issues. If any issue arises, it can be very difficult and costly to repair the same. Sometimes, the only feasible option would be to get the window replaced. This can add to another cost. 
  3. Double glazed windows are not meant for all types of homes or structures. Some traditional designs are not suited by installation of these types of windows. Rather, conventional options are more suited only. However, it is always recommendable to consult with designers and other consultants to get a better idea about what suits the most. 

The bottom line

Above are some of the major pros and cons of installing double glazed windows. However, it is abundantly clear that although there are some drawbacks, the benefits of doing so are much greater. Therefore, it will be advisable to homeowners to upgrade to this technology and avail such advantages. 

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